A gang of black realtors headed ... Assistant judge

28.08.2010 00:31
In Kherson trial lawyers, establish a business in weaning housing for residents of the regional center. Led by their group did not stop even before the killings.

The Court of Appeal began its consideration of the Kherson region loud case of the gang of black realtors. The defendants - five young men who are suspected of fraud with apartments. Criminal business, organized a 28-year-old lawyer who previously worked as an assistant judge, and by the time of arrest obtained a license of a private notary, wrote facts.

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"Tests showed that the man found drowned in a pond, chaining him up before that in the chain"

In 2009, the old New Year's Eve in the village Vasilevka Kakhovskogo area in the pond was discovered dead people.

- It's all private property - arm encircles the surrounding landscape, Anatoly, a resident of the village Vasilevka. - They belong to one local millionaire. And the pond, too, and therefore guarded around the clock. Although there was winter and the pond was covered with ice, but there was a small gully - this is it someone and threw the body of a man. A security guard found dead, and immediately reported the find to the police.

Despite the fact that the leadership Kakhovskogo police department is always willing to cooperate with the "facts" at this time they are referred to the Investigation Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kherson region: it is said, there is the case investigated, albeit comment. The reason is, but about it later. And then, in early 2009, it Kakhovsky detectives had a chance to solve riddle of who is killed. Tests showed that the man was thrown into a pond is still alive.

- Found the poor fellow from neck to toe was fettered by chains - continues to Anatoly. - When they were removed and measured, then the chain is stretched as much as 25 meters! It is said to mean a very decent person, not a homeless person: an expensive sweater, good leather shoes.

The guards, who found drowned, said the duty of Kakhovskogo police department, where instantly established investigative team. The body is pulled out, began to establish the identity of the victim. The work, which was conducted online search, you can shoot a single film: in all the villages in all the cities of Kherson, first, and then sent out to neighboring areas of orientation. More - more: every district in our country given the job interview in its territory or the chairman of the rural district councils, whether he knew the victim. About a man in chains, shot film, and sent almost all CIS countries: maybe someone a relative or friend?

- The version that a person was killed because of the real estate was worked out from the beginning, - says Elena Renkas, head of public relations center in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kherson region. - So, first check all the transactions of purchase and sale of housing by BTI in the last year and Kakhovka Kakhovka area, and then - across the region. It took a whole year. Work colossal! Operatives, precinct walking with a photograph showing the victim and her neighbors, who lived next to the recently sold apartments: can recognize them?

Law enforcers, eagerly talking about the case, hold back for one thing. While dozens of their staff members traveled to cities and villages, spending huge amounts of money on travel, a 50-year-old woman from Kherson six months, as if to work, came into Dnipro police department and pleaded with the district to initiate a criminal investigation into the disappearance of her brother. Every time the complainant heard a refusal. While on the desktop of the precinct lying orientation on the victim's loss is so worried about a woman police officer now and then otfutbolival it. Tell the applicant "no" it was much easier than to open a folder and a thoughtful look at the picture lying there.

After checking thousands of transactions in housing, operatives finally managed to arrive at an interesting fact. It was found shortly before his death, found in a pond under Kakhovka man sold one-bedroom apartment on the street Perekopskaya in Kherson. And found that the owner got rid of the real estate was 43-year-old former "Afghan" Anton Sikorski (name changed). Pulling on this thread, law enforcement officers first went to one of the fraudsters, and then a whole gang of black realtors.

"A false witness who misled the judges have already received a real terms of imprisonment"

- The criminal group, there were five permanent members - says Vladimir Ilichko, deputy chief of the Investigation Department in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kherson region. - Outside groups - a few more people who carried out one-off orders, but were not included in the basic structure. All acted on clearly developed plan in which everyone played a role: some were looking for victims, and other forged documents, and others as false witnesses came to court to play the scene out there - say, I cared for an old man until the last minute and I know perfectly well that no in whose right apartment is not dead.

Unlawful decision, usually preceded by just such a theatrical show - false witnesses misled the courts. Many of them (and they all had selfish motive, since receiving a commission on each transaction), we have already prosecuted for perjury. These people actually convicted.

Investigation of crimes committed by former assistant judge Igor Popov (who organized a gang of black real estate agents), it took several months. Ten years ago a brilliant young man graduated from the elite of Physics and Mathematics Lyceum in Kherson, but chose a different path - entered the law and receiving a diploma, became interested in a career judge. Igor, a man of versatile educated and ambitious in a good, do seem boring career as a lawyer, and he devised a scheme how to earn lots of money.

- Con artists have been gathering information about tenants in rent arrears, - says Alexander Smolienko, a senior investigator for especially important for the investigation department of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kherson region. - This way out on the fall and spivshihsya people. In addition, members of the group was very interested in real estate, which is unattended. People say, worked abroad, and earnings converted to buying a home, and it some time empty.

Comes the owner of this apartment in Kherson, and there are already living strangers. Or another example: the owner died and the heir had not yet come into his right. Such episodes in 14. However, not all objects fraudsters managed to take possession, according to some documented facts of preparation to commit crimes. Since the defendants had a higher legal education, work experience in law enforcement, communication in the courts (own work there), well known laws, it is very quick to tidy up their hands on real estate to fool people. Houses and apartments were selling 20 percent cheaper than market value.

- My husband and I lived in Lviv and very hard work - complains 30-year-old Irina. - Save a little money, decided to buy a small apartment in Kherson, move to the south. It was odnokomnatka "Afghan" Sikorski Perekopskaya the street. We did not know that after the deal was killed. Housing was very advanced - repair cost us almost more than the apartment itself. Now here is risking everything to lose. I can not understand: why is bona fide purchaser shall be liable for someone's criminal actions? Such as we, in the case of Popov - quite a crowd.

With sister Anton Sikorsky I met in court. The woman flatly refused to talk to journalists. With Anton in recent years, they were not particularly friendly. Former Afghan "drink, but the relationship with his sister lost - call, came to visit. She became alarmed after not seen the brethren for more than six months. Sikorski, according to investigators who often lived with their friends, so the crooks have decided that his apartment on the avenue textile workers in Kherson thrown, and there changed the door, put new locks, and soon, forged documents, made a sale transaction. The owner rushed, but too late - could not get home. The man was not taken aback, and immediately hired a lawyer and went to court, tried to return to the apartment. Civil proceedings for termination of the deal gained momentum and soon it became clear that sooner or later, the plaintiff wins the case.

Fraudsters could not prevent this. If Sikorski made the next step, then floated to the whole criminal scheme, together with the names of the members of the gang. And they have taken emergency measures - on the day of the next trial began to follow the "Afghans." In a quiet location bandits managed to shove his victim in the car, which immediately left the Kherson. On the road, Sikorsky began to fill with vodka, to suppress their will, chained and taken under Kakhovka ...

The police officers said the gang Popov as a new generation of criminals who set out to take property is not baseball bats, and court decisions. The case of the Sikorsky - an unfortunate puncture in their business. It was he who helped expose the fraud.

- Sam Popov and his assistants saw themselves as very steep peppers, - said one of the police officers, investigating a high-profile case, but asked not to say his name. - They have the same regard, the Security Service, Prosecutor's Office, ICE, zhekah! After all, what connection? Communication - it's money, but money was a lot. With each apartment sold fraudsters spend up to two thousand dollars for kickbacks to the right people. Therefore, the operation to detain members of the group developed in strict secrecy, so that - God forbid! - Do not leak information. All five were arrested at various addresses in the same day at the same time - six in the morning. Ex-Marine, who left his wife in the town of Ordzhonikidze, Kakhovsky operatives were caught in the neighboring region of Dnipropetrovsk.

- And what did the gang Marine?

- As profits grew, the number assigned to the houses and apartments, to expand the scope that the leader had to recruit new people. Yesterday soldier who served in the military training center "sea lion" (which is the elite of the fleet, and indeed all the Armed Forces of Ukraine), was first admitted to the gang as embossing, and then he had already addressed Sikorski, that is to perform the most dirty work.

"My client is helping evicted from illegally sold apartments rightful owners"

With mum ex-Marine we met in court. Tatyana Konstantinova no secret that the grief has lost his head.

- I do not believe that Kohl could kill a man - nervously crumples subpoena young-looking woman. - I have two sons, the eldest just unlucky, took to drink. The only hope for Kohl, but he now faces life in prison. Kohl has come from the army, he lived with me, could not find a job. Finally settled in the neighboring Nikolaev, and suddenly said: they say, why go for 70 miles, when a classmate suggested that a good salary here in Ukraine. Will do what, not interested, but a lot of money new job he just did not bring. Sometimes, the son goes to his wife in Ordzhonikidze, and asks me for money for the ticket.

When, in July last year, they all took, I was summoned by the investigator and showed the documents - found, in the name of Nicholas framed some apartment. Nothing he did not tell me about it! We all three squat in two rooms on the fifth floor. Pleased to mom, huh? And then silence, as a partisan. And why listen to a classmate? Those still in school shaloputom was: that of one of history's parents to be hauled up, then another. They have something to pull out - the Pope his Mercedes, his mom, and we have some beggars! All of my pension is now a lawyer leaves. Met on the steps of the court yesterday with a woman - standing and crying. "Son of three years was given" - complaining. If I think this penalty is determined on the seventh heaven would be. And that in fact - a life sentence!

During the break, the hearing acquainted with a lawyer who leads the protection of one of the five defendants.

- My client will not give much - smiles defender who did not want to give his name. - There are eight episodes of crime, which the fraudsters committed to it, and 12 - after "my" out of the gang. Served as single instruction: helping evicted from his apartment respective owners. Partly the fault all the defendants admit, but the victims of this no easier. Many of them have hired lawyers who will represent about two years in this criminal case the interests of people left homeless.

Well, the court will charge the perpetrators with any amount of money and still not get it. As far as I know, the gang leader had a lot of outstanding bank loans, so that all wrongfully acquired by the bank took in debt. Wait for 15-20 years until the crooks had served and returned. I would place the injured running fled to sue in district courts to declare transactions null and void, since they are enclosed in the commission of criminal acts.

P.S. All the names of the defendants changed.
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