A. Bliznyuk: the first 20 cottages on the program «Building Together» will appear in autumn 2011

03.11.2010 07:49
Articles about real estate | A. Bliznyuk: the first 20 cottages on the program «Building Together» will appear in autumn 2011 According to a national program of affordable housing, the State provided funding for 30% of the cost of housing for families, standing on the account. Donetsk Regional State Administration has developed and is implementing a life of its own program of "Building Together". On the characteristics and first achievements of the program Building.ua said Anatoly Bliznyuk, Chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

Building.UA: What are the main differences between the program "Building Together" from the national program of affordable housing? What's the similarity?

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Bliznyuk AM: According to a national affordable housing program, provided funding for 30% of the cost of housing for young families, to be registered. We assume an option when people will pay 30% instead of 70% - the first installment, rest for 10, 15 or 20 years but not more than 2 000 UAH. per month.

We will build the infrastructure, construction companies will build houses using new environmentally-friendly materials, new energy technologies. In this paper, can and will engage themselves developers. They will participate where they can. Wallpaper glue, paint the walls. And that's the main difference between the processes. We say that these should not be a separate stand-alone house, and the whole village, near which there is a kindergarten, school, shops will be. Taking into account the views of citizens are sports grounds. This will be complex. In the future we are considering building as one of the options for the initial scheme Technograd. In parallel, we will create the latest production based on IT technologies, nanotechnology. Industrial parks, where these young people will work.

Building.UA: What are the first results of the program?

Bliznyuk AM: Today we master plan, approved in Starobeshevo area. The first 9 acres of beginning to prepare for the review of communications - gas, water, heat and electricity. We work with people and has almost 17 people themselves have developed a contract - a single, convenient for people. We have organized our work with the utility. It will enter into contracts and at least 17 people are ready for these conditions, the contract signing. I think there will be no less than 20, it is a task we have set. To start building in spring and autumn we have finished the 20 cottages.

Building.UA: What are the criteria, where and by whom are allocated land under the program "Building Together"?

Bliznyuk AM: The only one criterion - it is the desire of people. We do not even tie it to the youth age. Not necessarily stand in a queue. People will pay for it to end. But they finance 30%. And later, when paying, they will return the full amount. At the expense of the money we will build housing for the next comers.

Building.UA: Will be allocated land in the Donetsk?

Bliznyuk AM: Land will be allocated, since our utility company, under current legislation, working on construction in the village. Therefore Starobeshevskiy district - times Maryinskiy district - two Yasinovatskiy district - three. Such land, 20. Donetsk No 50 hectares and will not be. But 0.7 or 0.5 hectares of land not solve the problem in the city of Donetsk. Therefore, the construction will be outside the city limits.

Building.UA: Does the business (small, medium, large) in the development of the program and on what terms? What is the attraction of participation in the program for private capital?

Bliznyuk AM: Socially responsible business can do for their young professionals to buy full house, can pay a portion of housing. Any citizen, natural or legal persons, imbued with a bad demographic situation, to improve it, may provide an opportunity for young families to have housing, to live normally, to bear children. Those who have a desire to help, can assist in this project.

Building.UA: Given the deplorable state of suburban real estate market, how will the competitive housing program "Building Together"?

Bliznyuk AM: Statement of the problem is not true. If someone wants to spend your 100 million and build houses and then sell them, that's his problem. Hence it is likely that prospects in your question. We're talking about is that it will build a people for themselves. They do not build a three-level chorus, they do not build tennis courts, underground parking or something else. They build their own affordable housing. And in the future, any earned, will build what they want.
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