A few interesting points about the cottage towns

21.02.2012 00:00
Articles about real estate | A few interesting points about the cottage towns Cottage villages near Kiev began to grow as mushrooms in the middle of the last decade. And although the 2008 crisis diminished zeal of developers, and their number, however a lot of cottage townships being completed, and affect any new.

Incident is that Ukraine has a legislative definition of "cottage" does not exist. For an informal definition of the term there are several common characteristics: located on the territory of ogrozhennoy houses one of the architectural style suitable for year-round, plus the availability of communications and more or less well-developed social infrastructure, and a single service company (similar to housing office).

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So, since the cottage does not exist in nature, those suburban towns are built in Ukraine legally can be roughly divided into two categories: 1) the cottages and gardens, or 2) rural areas (within the boundaries of settlements).
For example, two in the cottage town near Kyiv Tarasovka: "Our Mistechko" is located in the village and has a full-fledged sites allocated for housing and home to the official mailing addresses, and the nearby Green Heels are already legally give.
And in terms of the Land Code of the construction of houses for permanent residence is allowed only in built-up areas, in suburban / garden areas as possible to build houses only a temporary (seasonal) residence. Which, of course, does not mean that in such towns are building makeshift plywood, but none the less.

Moreover, if part of "garden", then it is also necessary to separate the garden - in fact this is the intended purpose. And get a residence permit can only be in the cottage located within the settlement, giving the official address does not have.

Our Building Standards and Regulations (SNIP), respectively, also have no definition of "cottage", "cottage." Accordingly, the architect has a certain freedom in the design, however, is not known, it makes him a task, or vice versa.

I have not heard yet about any problems in the cottage, such as those associated with the misuse of land, and yet the legal aspects must be taken into account - the Ukrainians, unlike the Americans change their residence more than once in two years.

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