9 Tips to new building does not become a long-term construction

02.05.2011 08:09
Articles about real estate | 9 Tips to new building does not become a long-term construction Buy flats - is risky. However, many people choose this option to purchase housing, because they do not want to buy an apartment in the secondary market.

Rules for choosing an apartment in the new building, composed of experts' recommendations will help avoid situations where renting the house has been delayed for ten years.

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1 Financial aspects. The cost of apartments in new building should be consistent with the prices in the market and your financial situation. New building, which attract lower prices, with high probability may remain unfilled. Average discount price and shareholders, who can offer reliable developers, should not exceed 15% of the market.

2 Documents builder. Check for a developer license issued by the Ministry of Construction, architecture and housing, as well as permits and approvals. The main documents: the right to land, the approved project with expert opinion and order (permission) to build. If the land is obtained from the use must be a lease, the duration of which exceeds the construction period.

3 Communications. Check for consistent documentation of external utilities (electricity, water supply, sewerage, etc.). Entering the house in operation may be delayed due to lack or inconsistency of such a project. It happens that the house is built, but not connected to utility networks.

4 Who builds. Find out who the general contractor, new building, and whether he has changed. Find out how long the whole being constructed, and whether the contractor is behind schedule. Permissible length of the lag - no more than 6 months.

5 Buy from the builder. Avoid "schemes" and refer directly to the sales center developer. Do not rush to use new mechanisms of housing sales, while their action will not be confirmed by the practice and legislation. For example, a scheme of tenancy with right of redemption, which suggested officials, developers have boycotted.

6 Experience and the developer's projects. Refer to companies that have implemented projects and begin new ones. Availability backlog means that developer does not intend to leave the market and has assets that will meet the obligations in the event of financial problems. Explore zadelnuyu program can only be personally visited the construction site.

7 Reputation of the builder. Pay attention to your company's reputation and the availability of public information about it - the year of establishment, ownership, implemented projects, partner banks, plans. Note that the image in the media create not only constructed facilities, but also the active press service. For more information about the company offer discussions on internet forums.

8 Follow the construction. Do not believe that the apartment can be purchased via the Internet. Make sure that the house will be built, we can only trace of the actual course of construction. Experts advise for 2-3 months followed by a construction site and verify that the number of floors increases. Known examples where companies imitated the construction process, moving the crane from place to place. Information about the construction can be obtained from personal interviews not only with the superintendent, but the watchman job site.

9 Get ready. If you're limited on time and do not have time to monitor the situation at the construction site, then already put into operation a house. The cost of such housing is higher, but it is reliable. All existing mechanisms to raise funds in housing construction have a number of shortcomings, and do not guarantee that the house is completed. The most reliable mechanism - the purchase of apartments in unfinished house with an act of commissioning.

Recommendations are based on councils head of sales, "NSC" Dmitry Shosti, director of the department of advertising and external communications IIR Cascade Natalia Mechenkovoy, general director of the Kiev Center for Real Estate Natalia Naumets, deputy director general real estate developer and construction company TMM Alexei Govorun, director of the project team "Archimatika Alexander Popov.

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