80% of transactions in foreign real estate are made for investment purposes

25.10.2010 14:21
Buying real estate abroad, as a second home for personal residence, the Europeans have gone by the wayside, and 80% of deals with overseas property perpetrated by Europeans or solely for investment purposes, or for schemes which allow to combine the receipt of rental income with the possibility of a personal residence 2 -4 weeks a year.

This is reported by analysts of international real estate agency Gordon Rock up to participate in a leading international investment exhibition of residential real estate «The Property Investor and OPPLive 2010" held on 14-16 October in London.

This shift in preference of Europeans from foreign property "for life" to the real estate "investment" easy to understand - Experts estimate that the average European, which has a resort real estate abroad, living in a foreign "second home" on average no more than 1 week a year.

Russian buyers of foreign real estate as long as more focused on the acquisition of real estate "for life". Although the general European trend is reflected in a change in motivation of the Russians who buy real estate abroad.

Every year the percentage of Russians who commit the purchase of foreign property is "investment". Experts estimate that in 2010 approximately 25% of transactions with foreign real estate is made by Russians for investment purposes.

It is no accident that the exhibition of investment property in London so often you could hear Russian spoken - to potential investors from Russia and CIS countries in this year`s show was much more than last year.

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