8 recommendations before building a house

23.10.2010 17:32
Articles about real estate | 8 recommendations before building a house When building a home should focus on laying the foundation. Some people believe that the architectural design and
interior of the house is more important, but they do not understand what losses and losses may be incurred due to a weak foundation.

Before you start building the house, consider the following eight recommendations.

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* It should set the type of soil at the construction site. Find out with a hard or sandy soil you have, marshy or rocky.
* The following features of land are considered to be adverse:
-Site of the former cemetery or funeral home;
-A place where there was a murder;
-A place where before there was dumping, cesspool, or where the waste is burned;
-Where ever there was a big fire;
-A place where there are several large old trees.
* Examine the vicinity of the site. Find out how to pass roads and sewers. Please note the shape of neighboring houses and land.
* Destroying the vegetation on site, make sure that the land was left tree roots.
* Check with geomancy on the most favorable for you to form dwelling. To the home owner was living happily, rooms and other parts of the building should be in harmony with each other.
* Check with geomancy about the time that is better to start construction work.
* During construction, the laying of supporting pillars, and other important elements of a design, do not forget to put in each hole 'five happy things. " This will help to bring to your home enabling chi.
* For construction work went smoothly and to bring to the house of beneficial chi and avoid any conflicts with the workers.
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