7 stages acquiring suburban real estate

16.03.2020 00:15
Step One - Beginning a long journey, or carefully with the wishes: they can come true!

A potential buyer of suburban real estate must first clearly understand its purpose. In other words, you need to decide what kind of house it is necessary and sufficient, at what distance from the ring road and the direction of the capital.

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Residential Real Estate When buying a home is scheduled for permanent residence, and business affairs require daily presence in Kiev, it is considered suburban real estate, located within 30 km of ring road. The direction chosen for reasons of convenience of travel to and from work or a city apartment.

If, however, need a house for the Sunday holiday and seasonal residence of the family should pay attention to more remote areas where there is a lot of beautiful places, woods, ponds and even a specially arranged area fishing and hunting areas.

In addition, you must decide what area of land would be desirable. Of course, theoretically, with 50 hectare look attractive, but every extra weaving - is an additional cost. And you can not always buy the land as much as you want. For life in nature in their own home, most prefer to put no more than 25 hectare.

In the structure of demand for first place is occupied plots from 13 to 20 hectare (50%), second - less than 12 hectare (30%), the third most popular place - from 20 to 30 hectare (10%), then - from 50 to 100 hectare (approx. 8%). Current trends are such that some of the wealthiest citizens acquire several types of housing.

Once the decision about the size of allotment made, determine the parameters of the house. Now there are standards corresponds to the area of the site and buildings on it. They drew up a trial and error in all the years of formation of suburban real estate market. For example, for a small house in the 120-150 square meters. m is enough put on 12-15 acres, and the home area of 350-450 square meters. m is required portion of a size not less than 18-20 hectare. Of course, the standards - it's good, but the decisive factor is the financial potential buyer.

Step Two - Information Gathering

At this stage, determine the approximate cost of the desired home and compare the real picture of their capabilities. To pass this stage as quickly as possible, you should spend at least an initial analysis of the suburban real estate market, taking advantage of specialized magazines, newspapers, catalogs and Internet sites.

Despite the fact that the process is time consuming and requires skills in working with large volumes of information, it is worth the forces. To accelerate it to go for information in the real estate companies specializing in the sale of suburban lots and buildings.

Buying a property in the context of organized construction and ensures a homogeneous environment and quality of modern communication, so that such land is too costly. Say, a 30 km radius of the ring road there is little cottage settlements economy class, where you could buy a fully finished house worth up to $ 200 thousand lower price limit is 350 thousand dollars, while the upper number in the millions.

In the framework of the point of building an ordinary town or village in the gardening association put much cheaper, and you can still find a ready-made house on a plot 12.6 hectare for 20-30 thousand dollars, however, should not count on good roads, comfortable year-round porch , protection and all-season water supply.

Of course, the cost depends on the size of the property, and its degree of readiness.
So, as a result of actions to gather information on hand should be a list of several favorite proposals, suiting well as affordable. Now we need to negotiate with the sellers about the show homes - and in a way ...

Step Three - We're going to watch the house. Bargain

The seller is interested to implement their goods more expensive and faster, so do not always give correct and complete information about the object. At that same buyer must first pay attention to when the inspection?

Suburban housing is better to look to the coming of spring. Melting snow and groundwater immediately show, not whether the house is flooded basement and whether the basement waterproofing. It should also pay attention to the cracks in the foundations and the operational status of all communications.

The spring is more obvious condition of the roads and most of the village. If no communication is necessary to check the words the seller about their cost and timing of tabulation. When buying a home in the building of a point to ask neighbors about the customs, prevailing in the village, and for local residents to visitors.

Assume that seen and heard the buyer arranged. Hence, it is time to examine the documents on which the seller owns the land and building. This is a certificate of state registration of land ownership and certificate of state registration of ownership structure, building permits and act on the introduction of the house in operation.

Be sure to pay attention to whether the land area, property registration of documents, the size of the allotment, presented to the buyer, and check, whether trying to sell the land, which is, in fact, squatting. You also need to ensure there are no carved disputes with its neighbors.

Certificate of ownership of the land and building issues Registration Chamber. The unfinished house also must be registered as an object under construction. All freestanding buildings: Bath, hozblok, toilet and garage - should either be separate documents or be given a literal designation in the certificate to the main structure.

Can not exclude the situation that out of ignorance seller of paper decorated wrong, were not registered in the appropriate organs, generally absent on some objects. But much worse, if faced with a carefully disguised fraud. It is therefore worth well weigh the risks of the upcoming acquisition.

If the buyer still decided to buy, it is desirable to hold negotiations with the seller to reduce the price of the house. The seller does not always go up for sale, explaining that the amount of money spent on, say, then, to drill in the area of artesian wells depth of 50 m.

However, the buyer needs to know that well, built without a permit may not be a factor that improves the quality of the sold object.

Conversely, if regulatory authorities become aware of a presence on the site illegitimacy of artesian wells, they will apply to the owner fined. So the bargain is necessary! In the end, have to agree on a price that would suit both sides!

Step Four - We are looking for money, or how to save when buying

If the funds to purchase the desired home is not enough, you can save by buying, for example, unfinished housing, and eventually bring it to perfection. Or buy land and then build a house on it.

Currently, it is possible to use a mortgage, but it should be noted at the town market share of transactions involving mortgage loans until no more than 20% of the total number of operations.

The main reason - the complexity of the assessment and registration of rights to the suburban real estate. However, the annual number of such objects, acquired with the assistance of bank loans would certainly increase.

Step five - Contract deposit

To confirm their intention to buy the object-of-town real estate, the buyer must give the seller some money in advance. How can competently make a deposit (down payment)?

If the owner sells the house, you can pay the money under his handwritten signature. This document should contain information about selling the structure, its location, the ultimate cost and timing of registration of transfer of title to the buyer's name. Be sure to specify in the receipt, what happens to the deposit paid (in advance), if for any reason the deal falls through.

However, it must be borne in mind that the receipt is not the most reliable instrument for registration of monetary relations, and if the seller would be unfair for the buyer and the bye with a dream of acquisition of this country house, and with their money, as amended as a deposit (in advance).

If the seller's realtor is firm, it can offer the buyer a preliminary agreement, which in most cases will take into account the interests of both parties.

Step Six - Getting ready for the transaction

The process of preparing for the transaction starts immediately after submitted avans.Prodavets real estate is beginning to collect the package required documents and the buyer must check their authenticity and accuracy of processing.

For the transaction must have the following documents:

* Evidence of the home;
* Evidence on the ground;
* Cadastral plan of the site;
* Information about the normative value of the land area of the committee;
* Help from TIB on the standard cost structure;
* A certificate from tax inspectorate about the absence of tax arrears (prepared by a notary);
* Consent of the spouses on the sale and purchase of real estate (notary).

Also, you need to sign a protocol agreement limits put on their neighbors to avoid further disputes carved.
If the site is the sharing of objects, constitute the act of sharing and transfer of rights to the new owner, as well as easements for the use of the site (travel, passing through the area, well, well).

When buying a home with furniture to prepare the accomplishment of the transaction and sign the act about which furniture is the buyer.

Sometimes the seller from whom land ownership, and the house - no, proposes, first purchase a plot, and then formalize the structure. Buyer must remember that by agreeing to this, he takes the pig in a poke! Transaction should be undertaken only after the object becomes the property of the seller, you have the right to legalize the possession of the house should be!

If the property is acquired in the newly built cottage, then use different schemes: first, sometimes make out land ownership, and then make a contract for the construction contract or a contract of investment. There is also another option: enter into contract for services, and the owner of the land becomes, when completed house.

Buying suburban real estate, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Therefore, in order not to get lost during the transaction, to advance to think through all stages of their actions, deal with documents that discuss the scheme of transfer of funds by the buyer to the seller.

Seventh stage - Deal

Real estate transactions - it's quite a complicated process, but with the country real estate - especially after all the work are just two objects: land and building on it.

The deal begins in the bank, where the amount, net of previously transferred the deposit to the seller, lay in a cell depository. Seller and buyer sign a lease deposit box, which determines the access conditions of each of them. To date, the law provides for a notary, and a simple written form of contract of sale of real estate.

But in any case, the draft document someone has to prepare and test. Following certification, the agreement by a notary or after the contract is in writing, to be given to the management of registration service to register.

Simultaneously with this document, the buyer and seller sign the transfer protocol of real estate. A month later, the buyer gets a registered contract of sale of land with buildings situated on it, a certificate of land ownership and proof of ownership structure.

So he came, a happy moment! Cottage, house, villa or land purchased and the buyer are to be congratulated! Only whether there are any power to accept congratulations after the great tour de force? And not to the detriment of whether their own health and business to accomplish this feat?

Or maybe, after the self-purchasing of country estate uncovered such knowledge and experience that had an idea to change jobs and become a professional agency operating in the suburban housing market?

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