60-70 percent of housing sold in the Middle Urals in the mortgage

27.08.2010 07:28
The mortgage market in the region returns the lost ground, but not yet at a pace as we would like to bankers and realtors.

According Rosreestra, for seven months in 2010 in Yekaterinburg, registered a 33 per cent more transactions in residential real estate, over the same period of 2008 and 2009. And the number of mortgage contracts increased by 77 percent and close to record high beginning of 2008: at that time consisted of an average of 910 contracts a month today - 851. The largest number of deals were in June and July - by 1097.

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Someone hastened to call this phenomenon year mortgage boom, but most experts still agree that this is just the peak expression of pent-up demand: the borrower, which declined last year from the purchase of housing due to instability in the labor market is finally then decided to conclude a deal.

- In fact, the mortgage "thaw" began in March, when wages began to rise, and banks offer their own credit programs. Just an average period of preparation of the transaction is between four to five weeks. Since the July peak - is the result of spring growth in demand, - commented Irina Postnikov, regional director of a specialized mortgage commercial bank in Yekaterinburg.

- The mortgage market - in anticipation of recovery. Wait for the fourth quarter and see what it was - a steady increase or a temporary spike, - cautious, Alexander Komarov, director of the Sverdlovsk agency residential mortgage lending.

According to him, the size of the weighted average interest rates on loans almost returned to the level of 2007 - 11,2-11,3 per cent (in 2008, was a jump to 14.2 per cent). The volume of lending under government mortgage programs steadily increased in recent years. So, if seven months of 2009 was issued SAIZHK 503 loan for 519 million rubles, in the current year - already 984 loan for 1.281 billion rubles (for comparison: the corresponding figures in 2007 - 609 loans totaling 602 million, 2008 - th - 663 in the amount of 844 million).

From this point of view, agree and Vyacheslav Reshetnikov, Director, State Bank lending to private customers:

- If the number of mortgage rates in 2010 are comparable with the figures of 2008, then in terms of they are very different. For example, our bank has in the Sverdlovsk region in the seven months of 2008, loans amounting to over five billion rubles, including 2.8 billion in Yekaterinburg. But seven months of this year - only 1,7 billion. The market is just beginning to revive.

According to Irina Postnikova, 90 percent of mortgage transactions now done with the aim of improving living conditions, rather than to purchase housing from scratch. This is evidenced by average amount of credit: if two years ago they reached 1,9 million rubles, now fluctuate between 1-1,3 million.

However, not all market participants attributed the positive dynamics in the mortgage market increase the solvency of the population. Some see the logic of "reverse".

- Citizens who could purchase a house with its own funds, without recourse to the bank, it became less. Before the crisis, the mortgage does not exceed 40 percent of the number of concluded transactions, it now ranges from 60-75 percent - said Kirill Liashenko, director of sales and marketing company engaged in complex buildings.

Prospects for a mortgage in the region, realtors and bankers attributed primarily to the various government programs, such as with the program "New," which involves lowering the interest rate on several occasions: at 0.5 percent - when the housing is acquired at a price of 30 rubles per square meter (which is more relevant for the region, but not for Ekaterinburg), 0.25 percent - if the parent is involved capital, the state housing certificates or borrowers fall into the category of young families. Secondly - the development of new types of properties, such as suburban housing.

- Abroad, every other transaction of real estate mortgage, and in Russia as yet only one in ten. This borrowing mechanism available to 17 percent of families. According to the strategy adopted by the state of mortgage lending in three years this figure should grow to 23 percent, and 20 years to reach 60 percent - said Sergey Kozlov, Deputy Director General of the European branch of the bank in Yekaterinburg.

Builders are set not so optimistic. In their view, the looming shortage of apartments in economy class new buildings. The market remained largely illiquid expensive objects. A deficit will inevitably lead to higher prices.

- The current year's planned entry 700 thousand square meters, but the statistics are a tricky thing: abroad, it is not imposed "squares", and the number of building permits issued. If it were not for complex building southwest of Yekaterinburg picture would be quite sad. Today, declining production of large companies reaches 50-70 percent. Actually entered protracted laid 2-3 years ago. Some sites are under construction for several years unsuccessfully put up for auction. In view of these factors can not be ruled deficit of new housing, as in 2003-2004 - establishes Vyacheslav Trapeznikov, executive director of NP SRO Guild of Builders of the Urals. "
Natalia Shvabauer, Ekaterinburg
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" - economy URFO № 5269 from August 26, 2010

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