6 secrets for sale apartments

15.11.2010 12:55
One for a decision must all carefully consider and weigh. Others believe in love at first sight, not only to individuals but also to real estate ...<br /><br />But in fact, and in another case, it is very important to make potential buyers an impression. We'll show you what can be done in order to present his apartment in the most favorable light ...<br /><br /><strong>To change ready!</strong><br />We will not discuss in detail the need for minor repairs and general cleaning in front of such an important visit. Let's touch those little creative and affordable techniques to help "stimulate buying.<br /><br />Of course, with their help it is impossible to persuade visitors to purchase "kopeck piece at the price of a three-room apartment. Equally as sell apartments, radically opposed to what looks for a buyer. And yet, the little tricks are valid.<br /><br />All of them are intended to create a mood of lightness and joy .... In order to see the apartment, visitors felt that here they will be happy.<br /><br />Let us imagine your visitors. They can be of different ages, family, children, parents or, conversely, unmarried. They all share one thing: the dream of what will be their home. Moreover, everyone has his view.<br /><br />But make no mistake: looking at the walls of your house, they have to figure out what to put and hang him. And if you do something and leave of their furniture, do not worry, everything will be replaced - the new owners will not turn their homes into your museum.<br /><br />And therefore:<br /><br />Let the apartment will be a maximum of free space. Buyers should have the impression that the room can be changed "under him" in seconds. The apartment is ready for change, all kind calling for a new chapter of life.<br /><br />Do not let the buyers be tired before the imaginary liberation apartment. Your belongings, even if you still live here, must be a minimum. The owner's furnishings - from massive chest to cotton disks in a bathroom - raises the idea that from her for a long time will have to get rid of. Apartments, which can enter right now, much more attractive.<br /><br />Too bright design decisions can not attract and alienate customers. Perhaps you've spent a lot of effort and money to create a unique style of your home. Either you come up with its interior, or to seek professional help.<br /><br />But that's exactly your style, it can not match the tastes of new tenants, and even become a reason for not buying. The man, who came to see the apartment, "tries" it under their own dreams and aspirations.<br /><br />Mother of the family, prefer the "Country" may not like it dear to your heart hi-tech. A pink ruffles on the curtains and hangers as lapdogs deter a wealthy businessman. Yes, all these details can be replaced, but the atmosphere of the room will still seem alien and therefore not "their".<br /><br />Of course, the various elements of copyright the interior (such as wooden beams under the ceiling or doorways in the form of arches) rather positively evaluated.<br /><br />But styles such as kitsch, pop art, and too artsy and pretentious, full of fine detail design will please not for everyone. Therefore it is better to demonstrate his apartment in the universal shape: let it be a blank canvas, inviting creativity.<br /><strong><br />Create a mood</strong><br />Now about the little touches that help create the mood of buyers and put the "right" thoughts into their heads.<br /><br /><strong>Let in the sun</strong>. If the window of your apartment are on one side, invite visitors at the time of day when it is most illuminated. Sunlight increases the visual space, making it more friendly and cheerful, is a warm feeling even the most pragmatic people.<br /><br />If the windows are turned into two or three (or even all four) sides, show apartment when the maximum lit lounge. It is still considered the epicenter of the home life and, as a rule, is the largest room in the house.<br /><br /><strong>Holiday celebration!</strong> Ahead of his visit put in an apartment unobtrusive, but in harmony with the interior of flowers. Flowers create a sense of celebration, even if it's a small bunch of violets and daisies in a simple vase.<br /><br />However, avoid flowers with a strong odor, from which a visitor can head ache. For the same reason, incidentally, should not be abused too fragrant household chemicals - air fresheners and cleaners.<br /><br />Everyone - his own. Even a few minutes of dating enough to understand in which way is better to describe their "goods". Be sure to emphasize the relevant interests of visitors infrastructure elements. Smartness reviews gives fans a healthy lifestyle?<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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