Buyers in the suburb of Kiev there is reason to think

27.02.2020 01:00
Buying real estate, whatever it was attractive and charming, has its own specific and very high risk. And taking into account the value of a country housing to the issue of purchase should be treated very carefully and seriously. Pay attention to the six of them: for some reason often even bought urban housing people don't pay attention to possible pitfalls.

№ 1: real Estate «two masters»

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Fraud on the real estate market (and country) are very common. It is important to remember that all contracts must be drawn up according to the established patterns and conduct their compulsory registration with registration in the unified register. Payment of suburban housing on preliminary contracts may not guaranteed to protect against double sales.

Developers continue to deceive the citizens and still conclude preliminary agreements for sale and purchase instead subject to obligatory registration of agreements of share participation in the construction. Check how many of the same cottages developer will sell its victims according to preliminary contracts at the stage of registration of the transaction, it is impossible. Such information is, unfortunately, it turns out too late, when your money back or get a different property in return is almost unreal.

# 2: the House is not completed, and the construction is suspended
Unfinished - it is a nightmare for any buyer of real estate. If the developer is bankrupt, return the money is extremely difficult or impossible; building for years, and sometimes permanently suspended. Issue the unfinished building in the property and complete the work for personal funds - not the best prospect for the buyer, as the renewal of the documents themselves is very difficult. Although, in theory, this problem is solved.

Another risk is that the right to object under construction can go to the other creditors in case of bankruptcy of the developer and selling them through bankruptcy proceedings.

# 3: the Cottage was commissioned with significant defects
If detected after delivery to the buyer country real estate disadvantages can be eliminated and the developer continues its activities, the new owner may require or elimination of defects at the expense of the seller, or to recover damages for repairs on their own. However, the time of detection of marriage, the developer may be declared bankrupt or liquidated, and the shortcomings will be unavoidable consequence of a gross violation of building codes. In this case, all costs are usually significant to become a burden on the customer's purse.

№ 4: a House or land is not issued in the property of the buyer
If the construction was carried out without violations of the law, but for some reason, the developer has not executed documents, the problem with registration is resolved in court. But if the construction was carried out on land not owned by the developer, and not bought back by them to the moment of putting into operation built the cottage, the court may decide on the illegality of the construction and demolition. It is important at the conclusion of the contract of sale and purchase or construction of housing study the documents establishing the right developer to build a dwelling on the selected area and documents on the plot.

№ 5: Consumer quality of the constructed real estate may not match the expected
Number of storeys, layout, distance from the motorway, the size of the land can be changed during the construction. Yard area may decrease due to the appearance of the new object was not in the plans of the customer (a school, a shop, an object for household purposes), the next can be a highway or cut down trees.

And if the layout of the buildings will be effected without registration of appropriate documentation, the house can be recognized as unauthorized construction, and demolished.

The last two years in many cottage settlements developers change the initial drafts and instead alleged detached homes with land opposite the already-constructed private estates appear three-and five-story apartment buildings. Naturally, the owners of cottages to this neighborhood are not ready.

№ 6: Violations of the management company (MC): the invoice for services before check in and violation of rights of owners
It happens very often that the criminal code establishes excessive prices for their services, a bill for service before the actual arrival, and those who do not agree to pay, disables vitally necessary communications. What to do? Organize a mass protest and to enlist the support of the greater part of the property owners are very difficult. To solve this problem by lawful means difficult due to the imperfection of the criminal and civil legislation in this matter. 
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