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20.07.2011 08:27
Articles about real estate | 6 recipes developments in Kyiv Businesses need to move to the left bank, and abandoned industrial area - into a residential area.

Chaotic building of Kiev is now perhaps one of the main problems of the city. Kyivrada distributed the land in the historic center, green areas ... Sooner or later it began construction, Kyiv residents protested. At times during the clashes, even bloodshed, writes today.

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To avoid this, Kyiv needs a new modern master plan, which will become law for developers and power. It will identify areas where you can conduct high-rise building, and where not, it clearly indicates the border of the historical center, parks, playgrounds for schools and kindergartens. And has nobody come to my mind that at the place designated for future clinics, you can build a skyscraper, and on-site children's playground - the office.

"Together with the" Strategy of development of Kyiv 2025 "we are developing a master plan of the city. I am confident that these two documents must be approved at the level of the country's leadership - the president and the Cabinet - so that nobody else had a wish to make them any changes that are contrary to the interests of the people of Kiev. We all remember well that in the past few years, only in the program development of green areas in Kiev was made 562 changes, "thanks" to which people of Kiev lost 34% of the total area of ??parks and gardens. This must not happen again "- the head of KCSA Alexander Popov.

But many industrial areas of the capital, which has long since nobody uses on purpose, to pay for construction. Rybalskyi Peninsula, near the Central Railway Station, Darnitsa, Telicka - they occupy a fifth of the capital. Dilapidated industrial buildings, old abandoned warehouse, collapsing engineering services detracts from the appearance of the city. In their place should appear in modern houses, offices, shopping centers, theaters, cinemas. The same applies to departmental land. It's no secret that former factories or buildings SRI their leaders lease to profit, although this production was produced at government expense. Perhaps it is time to generate income, and city budget? And the rest of the industry can move in the Kiev region, where the company will provide new jobs and thus income residents.

What and how to build in Kiev, what to do with the center of the capital and industrial zones - your ideas with the "Today" to share the experts.

INDUSTRIAL ZONES. In the capital, many former industrial sites that are not used, although there are a fairly attractive areas. "For example, the industrial zone at Telicka, located on the bank of the Dnieper, could become a cultural and entertainment or business center. After all, the promenade and the islands of the Dnieper on the right can be called the pearl of the city. These areas may become a recreational area of ??the European level if they are equipped with modern infrastructure, "- said Senior Project Manager of the Foundation for Effective Governance" Andrew Lobach. Here you can create beaches, sports centers, eventually, to build Disneyland, which could become the only one in Eastern Europe and to attract a lot of tourists in Kiev.

"NEW TOWN". It is obvious that Kiev needs and new large business centers such as Kiev City, on the Left Bank. It is on the Left, and not on the right bank of the Dnieper. "This will relieve the roads of the central part of the city and create jobs closer to residential left bank of the citizens", - said Andrew Lobach. Because now, according to project manager of The Boston Consulting Group Sergey Perapechki, Kyiv residents, mostly living in large residential areas on the outskirts and drive to work in the other end of town.

"To live in the capital was comfortable, it is necessary to balance the allocation of housing and jobs. Now we do not see, from this road are traffic jams during peak hours, while transportation is full. Need to stimulate "new towns" - centers of business activity not only in the center, but on the periphery. To the townspeople live where they work "- said Sergey Perapechka. Under the new city have in mind the new business centers, shopping centers, hotels, trade shows, which can be accommodated on the Left Bank, and in remote areas of the Right Bank. Also - the construction of subway lines in Troieschyna, creating an annular Bahn, the development of tram and trolleybus traffic in the left-bank part of the capital.

As in Moscow. Head of the Institute of Master Plan Sergei Bronevitskiy sure that in addition to 6,5 ha industrial zones can be used thousands of hectares of departmental areas. Now they are idle idle or misused, and the city's budget from this, nothing gets. The chief architect of the capital Sergei Tselovalnik adds to this the security zone around the old enterprises. Around them had been forbidden to build houses. But now it could be done.

A member of the public council, Vladimir Zhmutsky the example leads to Moscow. "They went on a simple way: when demolishing industrial zone on the free land build a coherent ensemble of buildings that are suitable to each other in style. And not only, for example, residential buildings, but also all the necessary infrastructure. Created a modern city, even from the glass and concrete, but looks very nice, "- says Zhmutsky.

FOR THE CITY. But what to do with industrial facilities? Some of them still work, though uzhalis. Most of the rooms given over to offices, warehouses, commercial structures. And in a small area continue to collect, motorcycle or tractor, or lawn mowers produce hair dryers. According to Vladimir Zhmutskogo in the capital can not leave harmful in terms of environmental production. "Knowledge-intensive, associated with electronics and computers. Because in the capital to prepare qualified personnel for the industry "- says the expert.

And, for example, such a plant as "Lenin's smithy" should leave the area. This does not mean that we give of what is worse. "Firstly, there is more space, and there is no such dense populations, so the place for you can choose to not disturb the residents. For example, some mashinosborochny plant can go in or Irpen Klavdiyev. But it will save the dying villages and small towns of unemployment. People will not have to travel every morning to the capital for several modes of transport, so unloaded roads of the capital, public transportation ", - said Vladimir Zhmutsky.

According Tselovalnik already have an agreement with the management of the placement of certain objects. For example, huge warehouses, as well as the construction of a new ring road, six transport hubs with the parking lots. All this will allow capital to unload their roads.

CENTER. The biggest problem for the city - to preserve the historic center and turn it into a tourist center. According to well-known architect George Duhovichny, investors should understand that in the city center, as in the center of Paris or Prague, you can not build a huge new area and make them big money. "They should save the outer shell of buildings and reconstruct them correctly - says Duhovichny. - Therefore it is necessary to do so, as did the architects of the war, restoring Kiev. Architects, for example, was built around the surviving music school, in the same style. "

Vladimir Zhmutsky said that to build high-rise buildings in downtown have to categorically deny. "Building in the center can only be due to the demolition of low-value objects, but always retaining the historic style. No concrete and glass, and no high-rise buildings ", - said Zhmutsky.


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