6 errors deceived summer resident

09.05.2011 07:56
Articles about real estate | 6 errors deceived summer resident On the nose - holiday season. Someone has already become the happy owner of its own six acres, who is going to rent. And someone to be an agonizing process of building or buying ...

Summer 2011 may again bring the 40-degree heat and hence is to take care of that somehow ease the upcoming "holiday". Especially for city dwellers: some of them have now decided to fork out for an air conditioning system, while others are going to escape from the metropolis - abroad or at least outside the city limits. How to choose a country site, if you do not already have it? Is it profitable sroit house rather than buying ready? And what mistakes most vacationers make potential?

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Mistake number 1. Pay for ... fitness club

When searching for homes in a newly built village you may stumble on more than tempting offers. Developers will promise you that after a year or two, right next to your future summer house will shop, restaurant, fitness club, swimming pool, etc., in short, all the benefits of civilization - and none of its drawbacks. But since these "golden mountains" in any official documents usually not spelled out (according to the portal Metrinfo, about 50% of sites are now on sale, do not have proper documentation), it is likely that you will not see them ever. As soon as the residential real estate evacuated, the developer "umoet hands, and you appear in the usual holiday village.

Another scenario: near your house, you may receive something that should not be there. For example, sometimes near the summer cottages parked warehouses, landfills, and organize markets for wholesale sales.

Mistake number 2. Forget about water

Signing the contract for the purchase of land and / or building a house, a few times, check whether the final price includes the cost of communications. If not, force the developer to make it in the paper or to sign a separate agreement with you at this type of work. Otherwise, on completion, you can declare that "came out in so many thousand rubles more expensive" than has been said before, and prove anything without the signed documents you can not.

Mistake number 3. Trusting the Internet

Why spend time on a trip to the office if you have a website with photos, plans, prices - in general, simply complete information? .. This buying logic is extremely harmful. In fact, too much information on the site may be a sign of "fraud" rather than genuine concern about the time the client. Do not believe what is written in the brochures and ads, ask as many specific questions and ask them direct answers. And even better - if you have left is half a year - year - poputeshestvuet housing estates under construction and see how, with what speed and whose hands moving their construction. Pick up some suitable options for you according to information from the developer, and then made a detour and first test in 2-3 months - the second. The degree of construction progress can be a lot to tell you.

Mistake number 4. Buy when cheap

Best prices on villas are usually offered either in winter or in the initial stage of construction. But where is cheap, there is a risk: first, the snow did not really see you buy a land, and secondly, when the town only exists in the form of markings and a pair of bricks, you can easily mislead, just promise you mentioned "golden mountains" ( see paragraph 1).

Mistake number 5. Fly, when it became more expensive

On the other hand, the more reliable the deal, so it is more expensive: when the house will be fully constructed and occupied, even wonderful neighbors, the price of your dacha may rise by 70-90%.

Therefore, the advice: buy early, but beware. Watch for careful preparation of all required documents, return them to the expertise of independent lawyers, re-read the contract several times. Chief for you to document - a certificate of ownership of the land. In this piece of paper should include all important information about the area - information about the owner (he is - the seller), Law, under which the land belongs to the owner, information about soil type, type of permitted use, the amount of land and its geographical address. Also in the certificate indicates inventory (or conditional) number of land and information about existing restrictions and / or encumbrances on it. WARNING! The last column should read: "encumbrances not recorded" or "burdens no" - otherwise it is better not to conclude a deal.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud and one day did not discover that your site is not yours, to require the seller to extract from the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights and Transactions (EGRP) no older than a month. This statement will serve as proof that the land is not sold to anyone but you.

If you buy land from an individual seller, and thus is married, ask him a notarized consent of the spouse (wife) to sell the land. Otherwise, let him write a statement saying that he (a) not married (not married).

If the seller refuses to provide you with these documents or copies of them, most likely it has something to hide.

Mistake number 6. Do not ask about the HCS

Before buying land and houses need to find out what the utility rates in your neighborhood. Water and electricity in the suburban real estate, usually several times more expensive than in urban multifamily homes, recently, for example, found that residents of several housing estates to pay for water 10-fold rate! So be sure to check with the developer, which will consist of tariff, and as will be determined by the size of the payment - on the counter or on regulations, and what will be additional charges for "maintenance" or "maintenance services".


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