55 best places to live in Ukraine

08.07.2010 19:55
This is the fourth ranking Focus in a large study of cities and towns of Ukraine. Traditionally, we have studied them for a variety of criteria, from which, according to the editorial board, the quality of life of people.

This year, in addition to traditional score for a favorable environment, infrastructure development, employment and other important components of a good life, participating cities receive an assessment of business activity. Unlike last year, when the emphasis was placed on the business potential, now, given that experts are predicting another wave of crisis, the focus centered on the real business achievements of cities, wrote Focus.

It is thanks to his business success at this year's ranking was the first line of Kharkov. According to this index, which reflects the number of registered private enterprises, as well as providing citizens with new jobs, Kharkov highest after Kiev.

During the year the city has managed to strengthen their positions and on such indicators as average wages and tourist attraction. Not inferior to the first capital of the championship and in education, which year getting to this criterion, the maximum number of points.

In addition, Kharkov - the first city in eastern Ukraine, who managed to lead the ranking of the best places to live. Prior to that, three years in a row topping the list is the Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi and Lviv.

New requirements

Another feature of the current rating was adjusted approach to assessing the infrastructure of the participating cities. In addition to kindergartens, schools, hospitals and markets focus has included in this criterion is the number of grocery stores, shopping centers and sports complexes. Moreover, when calculating the index were taken into account institutions of a certain area: supermarkets and sports facilities with a total area not less than 1,5 thousand square meters. m, and the mall - at least 4 thousand square meters. m

By the way, the developed infrastructure and has played in favor of the leader. Kharkov - one of the few megacities in which a lot of retail space. And one of the Kharkov Mall - "Duffy" - in the ranking of the top 25 shopping centers in Ukraine took first place, managing to avoid even the metropolitan centers.

In addition, good results have shown and Kharkov SEC "Caravan" (see Focus, № 8 (171) on February 19, 2010). The city with the most advanced infrastructure in this year was Truskavets (№ 29 rating).

There are good indicators of the presence of SEC, sports centers, supermarkets, as well as the number of kindergartens. In this city with a population of nearly 30 thousand five kindergartens, which are visited by 730 children. But in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, where the number of people in virtually the same, five kindergartens take more than 1,1 thousand babies.

Changed somewhat this year and the index of ecological condition of the city. Experts define not only the state of water, soil and air, but also take into account the traffic load, types and levels of pollution, as well as other individual characteristics of cities. A city with a better environment this year was Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky. The worst ecological situation, according to experts, in Krivoy Rog.

But the city with the most enviable salary remains Energodar - here on average receive more than 4 thousand UAH. At the same time in this city one of the highest levels of unemployment. But the most large number of unemployed residents of cities - participants rated in Neteshin.

Permutation of the forces

Interestingly, last year's leader, Lviv, markedly down on the list - up to 14 lines. This decline is due primarily to the fact that the other participating cities rankings improved their results and rose to several positions, leaving the ex-leader behind. In addition, some indicators are so drastically reduced that it is not allowed to stay in Lviv even ten. In particular, the year the crime rate in this city has grown almost in 2,5 times.

Top-10 left Ilyichevsk and Yalta. In the latter, incidentally, this year was the most expensive real estate in Ukraine. Square foot one-bedroom apartment on the Black Sea coast will cost at least $ 2,2 thousand - $ 100 more expensive than in the capital.

By the way, Kiev - traditionally the second highest rating. This year, the capital of the maximum number of points scored on several criteria: it has the lowest unemployment rate, the highest level of cultural and tourist attraction. But despite that, became leaders in the capital did not allow a high crime rate, property prices and a poor environment, on which, incidentally, the city has one of the last places in the list.

Breakthrough rating was Slavutich, which in comparison with last year rose to 28 degrees and was in tenth place. In this city one of the highest cost city budget per person, relatively inexpensive real estate and a good level of municipal services.

In this case, in Slavutych lowest of the surveyed cities the crime rate - by 10 thousand people here have a little more than 46 offenses. Further improve its position in the ranking of Slavutych prevented too low business activity.

Most in the ranking of the Focus has lost Chernihiv, who dropped from 11 th to 44 th place. During the year almost all of its performance deteriorated in half. In particular, this year Chernihiv significantly reduced budget expenditures per citizen. And even despite the fact that the average salary is increased as compared to 2009-m to 200 hryvnia, which is much less than in other cities.

Newcomer of the current rating of the Focus were just three cities: Kuznetsovsk, Southern and Komsomolsk. The residents Kuznetsovsk compared with the population of other cities ranking provided the highest quality utility services. And in the South for one citizen from the city budget is spent most money. In addition, low crime and unemployment have helped the city with a population of just over 28 thousand at once to be on the 13th line of the list.

Third debutant - Komsomolsk - failed to gain the maximum score on any of the criteria, although there's plenty of low unemployment and relatively inexpensive real estate.

Best cities to live in Ukraine:

1 Kharkov
2 Kiev
3 Ivano-Frankivsk
4 Chernivtsi
5 Mukachevo
6 Sebastopol
7 Odessa
8 Uzhgorod
9 Vinnitsa
10 Slavutych
11 Dnepropetrovsk
1912 Simferopol
13 South
14 Lions
15 Khmelnitsky
16 Ternopil
17 Donetsk
Exactly 18
19 Zaporozhye
20 Poltava
1921 Yalta
22 Ilyichevsk
23 Kamenetz-Podolsky
24 Borispol
25 Sumi
26 Lutsk
27 Kuznetsovsk
28 Krivoy Rog
29 Truskavets
30 Brovary
31 Nikolaev
32 Komsomolsk
33 Evpatoria
34 Kolomiya
35 White Church
36 Cherkasy
37 Yuzhnoukrainsk
38 Kirovograd
39 Kherson
40 Zhitomir
Uman 1941
42 Alushta
1943 Kerch
44 Chernihiv
45 Energodar
46 Mirgorod
47 Irpen
48 Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky
49 Lugansk
50 Mariupol
51 Melitopol
1952 Feodosia
53 Kremenchug
54 Neteshin
55 Donetsk
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