52% of country towns account for traditional cottages

28.10.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | 52% of country towns account for traditional cottages According to market research houses, conducted by GLOBAL REACH CONSULTING (GRC) in the development of the business plan of cottage settlement, suburban real estate market is growing. After analyzing the cottage market of Moscow region for the last five years, it should be noted that the parameters being built suburban housing changed. Every year, a decrease of medium size houses sold, with increased number of households in the villages. So if in 2005 in the suburban real estate has traditionally dominated the prestigious highway, in 2011, proposals have shifted towards less prestigious areas.

They accounted for almost 35% of cottage settlements. If earlier, for example, in 2005, the villa communities concentrated in a radius of 30 km from the Moscow Ring Road and 30-60km, the current allocation of cottage villages by distance changed. Continues to offer the maximum amount of cottage housing accounts for a nearby area of ​​Moscow, but now the suburban real estate market there were suggestions that have been deleted more than 90 km away from Moscow.

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Most of the cottage villages are located in the western areas of the Moscow region. Least of all the proposals have on the east - it is only 7%.

Widespread in the suburban real estate market received traditional homes, which accounted for 52%, and land (with a contract and without). Overall, in 2011 the number of transactions in suburban developers increased by one third compared to the previous year.
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