5 suburban residential complexes, Kiev region, in which we can immediately settle after the purchase of apartments Прослухати Читати фонетично

08.01.2011 14:30
The rating was attended residential complexes (LC), which were commissioned in 2009-2010. Total rated 20 sites.

Residential complexes editors of GVardiya "evaluated on six criteria:
1. Location (distance from the city)

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2. State houses adjoining the site (area, well-equipped, air, noise)
3. Social infrastructure
4. Availability of parking (the number of parking spaces)
5. A variety of types of apartments
6. Cost of 1 sq. km. m
Each criterion was evaluated by 3-point scale: 1 (lowest score) to 3 (maximum score). Further scores were summed for each LCD. Participants rated otranzhirovany in order to reduce the number of points.
Rating is an opinion editorial appraisal. All published data are the companies whose objects are included in the ranking, as well as taken from public sources. Prices are as of September 2010.

1 seat
LCD "Kotsjubinsky"

Address: smt. Kotsyubinskoe Str. Ponomariov, 26
Price: 7,750 USD per square meter. m
Commissioning: September 2010 (house number 2)
Client / General Contractor: The company "Avers-City
Land area: 5,5 ha
Number of homes: 5
Total apartment area: 124,136.49 square meters. m
Number of apartments: 1628
Apartments: 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4-room
Apartment area, min-max: 47-110 square meters. m
Parking: 544 parking spaces
Facilities: shopping center, recreational and leisure centers, shops, medical and educational institutions). All residents the opportunity to connect to the Internet services of the post office and Jeka
Start of construction: 2006
Features: The distance from Kiev - 1 km away from the Ave. Palladin, 4 km from the station. m. "Akademgorodok"

2 place
LC "The Seagull"

Address: c. Gulls, st. Lobanovskogo, 1
Price: 8,250 USD. per 1 sq. km. m
Commissioning: 2 quarter of 2010 (the house number 5)
Client / General Contractor: The company Ukrgaz / "Omoks"
Land area: 13 hectares - Seagull-1, 4 ha - "Chaika-2
Number of homes: 21
Total area of apartments: 192 250.74 square meters. m
Number of apartments: 2463 pcs.
Apartments: 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4 -, 5-bedroom, two-level, loft
Apartment area, min-max: 40-450 square meters. m
Parking: 286 parking spaces in indoor parking
Infrastructure: Store food and nonfood products, drugstore and Optic (oxygen bar), a medical center, dental clinic, a kindergarten Golden Tale, Valfdorska school, children's sports-themed entertainment venues, outdoor playground, mini-soccer field, fitness center, an indoor tennis court, beauty salon, a multi-level parking, bank, restaurant, private housing office, boiler house
Start of construction: 2007
Features: The distance from Kiev - 4 km from the metro station "Zhitomir" or 5 kilometers from the metro station "Academic"

3 place
LCD Grand Life

Address: Irpin Str. G. Ckovorody, 1, 3, 5, 7
Price: 7,410 USD. per 1 sq. km. m
Commissioning: the first stage is built entirely Commissioning - October 2010
Client / Contractor: OOO Ukrsotsbud "/ ZAO" Trust Kyivmiskbud-5 "
Land area: 10.9 ha
Number of homes: 12
Phase 1 - 4 houses 384 apartments with total area of 28,054 square meters. m
Phase 2 - 2 houses, 784 apartments with total area of 47,816 square meters. m
3 place - 6 houses 576 apartments with total area of 40,529 square meters. m
Number of apartments: 1744
Apartment area, min-max: 47-150 square meters. m
Parking: four-level parking lots for 1000
Infrastructure: The retail and office and public entertainment centers, fitness center, movie theater into three auditoriums, a kindergarten and a network of shops and cafes
Start of construction: 2007
Features: The distance from Kiev - 20 km

4 place
LCD Brest-Litovsk "

Address: s.Chayki Str. Pechersk, 2, str. Pechersk, 6
Price: 8075 USD per 1 sq. km. m
Commissioning: in 2009, put the block "B"
Client / Contractor: "Ekoinvestbud" / State Civil Works Administration ASE
Plot Area: 8 ha
Number of houses: 3 blocks (A, B, C) on 8 sections of each
Total area of apartments: 44 000 sq. km. m in one unit
Number of apartments: 692 (one block)
Apartments: 1 -, 2 -, 3 -, 4-room
Apartment area, min-max: 46-95 square meters. m
Parking: 100 parking spaces within one block
Facilities: shopping center, kindergarten, school, pharmacy, medklinika, bank, beauty salon, cafe, restaurant
Start of construction: 2007
Features: The house is situated on the border of Kiev

5 place
LCD "Olzhin deg"

Address: Vyshgorod Ave. Shevchenko, 2G, 2D
Price: 8200 USD per 1 sq. km. m in the house 2 D. The house 2T - from 8700 UAH for 1 sq. m..
Commissioning: the house was put into ekspluatatsiyu 2G, 2A - 1 sq. km. 2011
Customer: CJSC "Dneprozhilstroy"
Land area: 3.7143 ha
Number of houses: it is planned in April
Number of apartments: 1423
Apartments: 1 -, 2 -, 3-room
Apartment area, min-max: 33-111 square meters. m
Parking: half-open and guest parking
Infrastructure: kindergarten, children's art center, sports and playgrounds, recreation areas for adults, shops, bank, pharmacy, dental clinic
Construction commenced: December 2007 - May 2010 (home 2T), December 2008 - 1 sq. km. 2011 (House 2A).
Features: The number of one-bedroom apartments - 70% (young families). Distance from Kiev - 15 minutes to the metro station Heroes of Dnepr.
There is availability of mortgage credit program from the Bank AB "Kievan Rus": from 19% to 23% annually in local currency. Loan term - up to 20 years.

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