5 steps to getting an apartment from the state

13.10.2010 05:30
Articles about real estate | 5 steps to getting an apartment from the state If even 30 years ago, getting an apartment from the state was something familiar, a normal part of reality, and moreover, people do not even conceived of anything else as a way to become property owners, the situation has now changed. Flats can be bought or exchanged on the already existing, besides investing additional funds (if it does not take into account the very very extreme situation where the best changing for the worse). However, some opportunities to obtain housing from the city still remain, apparently as a throwback of a bygone system. How did they use?

Queue, which is not moving
Yes, unfortunately, referring to the line for real estate, formed in Soviet times and has been regularly replenished all subsequent years, we are forced to resort to such a sad pun. Since most of the housing built today on commercial terms, and the state's share falls only a few square meters, the waiting list is moving and moving very slowly.

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However, this queue is replenished rapidly now. The fact that the Housing Code, adopted in 2005 significantly tightened the requirements for registration and recognition of the need to improve their housing conditions.

Actually, it is necessary to comply with two conditions: at the same time be recognized as poor and in need of better housing conditions. And here it works principle "the worse the better". That is an ideal candidate for queuing never registered, lives in the attic, sleeping on a mattress and has no income. But because we are with you as there is available online to those clearly do not belong, then come down to reality and see what the law requires the applicant. To begin with all family members applying for social housing must provide documentation of payments from all places of employment, compensation, pensions, welfare, unemployment benefits and severance payments and any other additional sources of income. It is important to bear in mind that all documents necessary to confirm the declarations of tax authorities or other documents, if the tax office can not provide this information.

With regard to the living conditions of potential waiting list, he must either have an area in the apartment the meter is less than the established norm (all regions establish the rule itself and to recognize her need in the municipality), or live in an apartment with a man suffering from dangerous disease (eg open tuberculosis) . In these cases, the person - if, of course, the relevant supporting documents (extracts from the house register footage of the apartment and the number of prescription, medical records, etc.) - quite quickly become candidate for living space from the state.

Local quirks

It is not hard to assume a proverb: "In every hut their rattles," applied to our municipalities are still not lost its relevance. So, for instance, Moscow adopted its law on registration of poor citizens. Here, in order to rely on the mercy of the city, it is necessary to observe the following conditions: have the citizenship of the Russian Federation and to reside in the city of Moscow residence legally for at least 10 years not to commit the five years preceding the filing of statements, actions that led to the deterioration housing conditions, and to be recognized as low-income families. And the notion maloimuschestva, that is, simply put, poverty is interpreted in a specific way. Those recognized as families, who can not buy an apartment, using their savings for 20 years. Savings at the same time are funds remaining for all the family members after tax and deduction of the subsistence minimum.

In other regions, municipalities, too, take their orders and the provisions for registration of low-income citizens, but they are less known. However, the basic criteria remain the same: the lack of space per person in accordance with social norms and its own revenue to buy an apartment. And because of the vagueness of regulations sometimes fall into the regions of the curious situation. For example, the developers give the city built up area in a specified percentage, but these areas consist of the meter apartment about 50-80 "squares." It turns out that the waiting list or receive housing assistance they need more than the minimum (and in this city does not want to go), or to move from a communal apartment in a communal divide one large apartment for two families (and it renders meaningless the process of resettlement). So there are many cities empty house, while the waiting list continue to exist in the emergency shelter and huddle in communal malometrazhnyh.

Privileged categories

Most of the beneficiaries who have had a chance to "slip out of turn, dropped out of the adoption of the new Housing Code. But some categories still preserved. For example, former soldiers receive from the state housing in retirement. In the queue for over half a million people, and the list is constantly updated. In order to resolve the situation have been introduced housing certificates: they contain an amount adequate to compensate for housing costs. The amount is calculated as follows: the average cost per square meter in Russia (20,879 rubles.) Multiplied by the number of provisions retirees on Social norms meters (18 square meters. M for each family member). These funds could buy a home in any region of Russia at the request of (and opportunities).

By preferential categories also include citizens from leaving the Baikonur cosmodrome, the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and other radiation accidents. However, those and others, if not hard to imagine not dial a lot.

And finally, supports the state of internally displaced persons and citizens, departing from the Far North. Internally displaced persons recognized as citizens of Russia, which in his native land to pursue national origin, religion or language, as well as on political opinion or membership in a particular social group. Those in Russia, there are today about 30,000. As for the second group, it is planned that by next year, only 4.5% of them will be able to buy housing on the mainland. Lucky only to those who fall into one of the following categories: immigrants from abandoned settlements, northerners, disabled groups I and II, pensioners, unemployed and those who worked in the North for over 15 years.

In short, get home from our state can only be those who are poor, so that there's nowhere. And this is true, I guess. Others in fact may well suffer.
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