5 pitfalls of cheap buildings

05.05.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | 5 pitfalls of cheap buildings Apartment "spick and span", a modern district, convenient layout and green square under the window in the bargain. And all this at a ridiculous price. What more can you ask for? The fact that it does not turn into a fabulous deal cheese in a mousetrap. Low prices for apartments in new buildings tend to have a logical explanation. The main reason for the low cost are often inconvenient location of the area and poor infrastructure . Here are a few signs by which one can recognize poor quality real estate. Acquisition of such apartments is unlikely to bring you joy , because the reverse side of the savings might be a bad environment , a failed plan and the lack of adequate facilities for life .

Undefined terms of construction

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One of the most obvious reasons for the low cost housing in a newly built house - need to wait for delivery. And the more the waiting period , the cheaper apartment . On the one hand , a great way to cut costs for those who are willing to wait a little housewarming . On the other - in the current economic situation and a lot of not very reliable developers , not the fact that housing will be built at all .
However, cheap is not always a sign of troubled real estate . Sometimes the developer is forced to reduce the price to attract urgently needed funds for the work or increase sales of the house with a bad reputation . This often happens when a company brings to mind unfinished , uncompleted previous developer.

lack of infrastructure

Today in housing uncommon situation where developed territory begin to build homes at a record pace , and the issue of social infrastructure hangs in the air . A typical case - history Balashikha , leader in the number of affordable housing. As a result of a catastrophic shortage in schools, kindergartens , clinics and other essential facilities in the region forced the authorities to introduce a moratorium on high-rise buildings and require developers to do infrastructure. However, such measures are often reflected in the cost per square meter in new buildings that will eventually hit on the wallet buyers . Cases when real estate investors who have signed a contract , but not yet fully paid the purchase, to incur additional costs.

Distance from metro can also be called among the obvious reasons of low cost buildings. However, this relationship is not always obvious. This is due primarily to the high volume of proposals . In addition, the biggest jump in prices often happens in six months or a year until a new subway .

Housing in the industrial area

In the territories of former factories are located galleries , offices and designer shops , and now came the real estate . In industrial areas , like mushrooms after rain, rising buildings in which apartments are offered at tempting low prices, and an old factory building converted into lofts blockbuster .

However, these savings can be associated with the risk to life and health . The fact that 80% of " reformatted " Moscow industrial areas can be unsafe for future tenants . Most violations are associated with the wrong conduct land reclamation . According to the standards within 300 meters from the shops must be made excavation to a depth of not less than 2 meters. However, unscrupulous builders often try to save money on this complex and expensive procedure. However, this is not a reason to categorically refuse to buy an apartment in the industrial area . Most importantly, make sure you have the developer environmental expertise .

unfree plan

Another attraction for buyers of apartments in the primary market is the so -called " open space ." Its means the minimum number of load-bearing walls and the lack of interior partitions . Inexperienced in the intricacies of such a person thinks that he can design a living space to your liking. However, it is not. In fact, for each apartment there is a draft plan , which can usually be found at an apartment complex. If the newly-born owner wants to build an apartment on his own , he will have to order a new designer project, which must be approved by the operating organization and the housing commission . Otherwise, all the modifications made ​​will be considered illegal . Availability uncoordinated redevelopment faces serious challenges in home sales.

Therefore it is necessary to be wary of the possibility to buy an inexpensive apartment with a " fancy " redevelopment . Duty to legalize work performed solely the responsibility of the new owner , and it is done through arbitration. Also this option is often not suitable when buying real estate mortgage . Banks prefer not to lend on flats and redevelopment , the possibility of harmonizing the suspect .

approximate yardage

People faced with buying an apartment in a new home , are often surprised to learn that footage of future housing , stated in the project - the concept is very conditional . Moreover, the deviation may reach several meters. This is due to the construction technology . In panel houses difference in the area is rarely significant ( usually no more than 1.5 sq. m.) , And monolithic buildings that are built from scratch , there were cases when the figure was 7 m. m What do you do in this situation? The legislation leaves it to the discretion of the parties.

Typically, the equity contract usually specifies that the small deviation ( in either direction ), no co-payments not provided. A more substantial difference of area constructed from either pays the buyer ( if the apartment is larger) or company -seller ( if the apartment is less). At the same time the basis for the calculations is the price of 1 square . m specified in the contract . However, some developers indicate unequal conditions in the agreement . For example , the price at which the buyer " dovykupaet " extra square footage is higher than that required to return the developer. Another pitfall is the stipulation that payments are made " unilaterally " (of course, this party is the buyer ) . From the standpoint of the law is permissible, but whether or not to agree to such conditions - a rhetorical question.
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