5 myths about real estate agencies

08.10.2012 01:00
Articles about real estate | 5 myths about real estate agencies Experts compiled a list of the most common misconceptions about the agent. It turns out that customers believe that real estate agents have their own secret base apartments, and many refuse the services of a realtor, because the wrong aware of what is necessary to pay the buyer, and for that - the seller. DOKI experts attempted to destroy these incredibly popular myths.

Myth number 1. "For service realtor will have to pay, even if I want to buy a specific object from the base of real estate"

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A common story: the buyer have found on a specific real estate option that interested him, and is in full confidence that the indicated price flats must add a percentage of the service realtor who will be accompanied by a trade (5.2%). In fact, the Commission in this case, the seller pays the realtor. Today the estate is also actively advertised on free classifieds, and many such misguided buyers really believe that if podyschut an apartment on such resources, save on the services of realtors.

Myth number 2. "Online real estate companies can buy or rent an apartment without a Realtor"

Such statistics calls on queries to sites of real estate companies in recent years. Think about it: customers are looking for online real estate agencies the opportunity to do without the middleman!

This, according to Larissa Bogacheva, head of the Academy of Sciences web DOKI, led the development of Internet technology, the appearance of boards for free ads: "This group of users in the search engine sets a query that leads them to the website of the real estate. Next half of the visitors, realizing where she was, right away from the resource, and the remaining call or leave request "Renting an apartment without intermediaries" - that is, this part of the user believes that the real estate company - a company that owns a pool of some objects and it is possible to buy a flat directly ", - the expert explains. This, by the way, the next popular misconception.

Myth number 3. "The real estate agents have their own secret base of apartments"

"I guess we now lose a percentage of their clients, but the psychology of our fellow citizens is that we are willing to pay for something only in secret, in a matter of communication," the presence of and passwords ", and when the client finds that all flat is in free or moderately paid access, I feel almost cheated, and this is wrong, "- says Sergey Shevchenko, Director General of the Academy of Sciences DOKI.

Myth number 4. "I'll be able to pick out an apartment with the help of professional real estate databases and the Internet, and thus save on estate agent services from 2 to 5%"

Most of the transactions in the market - the alternative, that is, those in which the whole chain is made by simultaneously buying and selling apartments. Indeed, the buyer firm who knows what he wants, easily pick up an apartment for himself, but he will find an option for the seller?

According to experts of the Academy of Sciences DOKI, opportunities that are now available to Internet users, the immense: almost everything can be bought and sold with a couple of clicks. There is a separate category of people who just do not want to pay the realtors, believing that so save time or money, or want to try myself, or believes that it is better for themselves no they do not pick up the apartment, or simply from a general aversion to pay intermediaries. Some people do it, but someone on naporovshis pitfalls and are dealing with crime, eventually comes to realtors. AN DOKI experts believe that in the near future, the entire audience, anyway, is divided into two parts: the first will lose control of the real estate services for simple transactions lease sales, etc., and the latter (those who have a need for support of complex transactions: alternative, moving from one city to another, related to commercial real estate) will remain with realtors. However, in today's call Realtor broker is not entirely correct - it is rather an assistant who is the guarantor of the transaction and is responsible for its results.

Myth number 5. "Of two Realtors, called the price for the apartment on the phone, more professional one who called More»

A typical situation: the seller of real estate real estate agency calls A and describes the unit: Khoroshevskoe highway, two-room apartment, 56 square meters. m A Realtor from the agency calls for her price: 7 million (suspended). The seller calls the Agency B, and there he called price: 7.3 million. Customer 100% of the calls to the Agency B because fires psychology.

"Rate of disposal with maximum accuracy can only realtor who specializes in the area, - Sergey Shevchenko. - Only a professional knows in his area every home footage to a tenth, planning and a series of houses, and also owns a variety of informal information: a population doubtful contingent, whether good policeman assigned to this home, whether in the house concierge, etc. . All this will be taken into account when making purchasing decisions and also eventually affect the price. "
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