5 cottage townships, Kiev region, where it is worth investing

17.11.2010 08:03
The rating was attended by only unfinished cottage villages. Total rated 20 sites.<br /><br />The editorial board of "GVardiya" Evaluated by four criteria:<br /><br />1. The main point - the active management of the construction of houses.<br /><br />2. Stage of development of social infrastructure.<br /><br />3. Distance from Kiev.<br /><br />4. The last factor - the cost of 1 sq. km. m. of housing.<br /><br />Each criterion was evaluated by 3-point scale: 1 (lowest score) to 3 (maximum score). Further scores were summed for each cottage. Participants rated otranzhirovany in order to reduce the number of points.<br /><br />Rating is an opinion editorial appraisal. All published data are the companies whose objects are included in the ranking, as well as taken from public sources. Prices are as of September 2010<br /><br />1 seat<br /><br />Cottage town "Konik"<br /><br />Readiness: 85%<br /><br />Location: 8 km from the metro station Vydubychi the metropolitan highway exit to the river opposite the Konik Reserve "Zhukov island."<br /><br />Number of households: 58<br /><br />The area houses: from 420 to 555 square meters. m<br /><br />Land plot: 0,1 ha<br /><br />Communications: gas, electricity, heating, central sewerage. Autonomy of the town provides its own substation, as well as artesian wells. In November 2010, will operate the Internet and cable TV.<br /><br />Infrastructure: The architectural concept of the town provides the complex division into 3 parts - individual cottage development, retail and office center (fitness center, bank, supermarket). In the near future undeveloped playground, is preparing for the arrangement of the waterfront promenade area and the deepening of the riverbed.<br /><br />In the cottage area "Konik" demonstration house is equipped with an internal author's design, furnished with exclusive furniture and equipped with most modern home and office.<br /><br />Cost: $ 2000/kv. m (land price included)<br /><br />Commissioning: 2011<br /><br />Developer: CHAO "Golden Gate"<br /><br />2 place<br /><br />Cottage town "Alpiyka"<br /><br />Readiness: the first stage is built, the second - 80%<br /><br />Location: 8 km from Kiev (Obukhov direction from. Podgortsy)<br /><br />Number of households: only 47 (the second stage - 20)<br /><br />The area houses: from 439 to 523 square meters. m<br /><br />Plot: 0,2-0,3 m<br /><br />Communication: centralized electricity, gas, sewerage and telecommunications (Kiev telephone numbers, cable TV, Internet access), 2 boreholes, its own sewage treatment<br /><br />Infrastructure: "Alpiyka" - this is the second phase of building the cottage settlement "Golden Gate", which is designed in a single half-timbered chalet-style architecture - brick house with wooden elements. In the presence of a children's playground, tennis court.<br /><br />In the town - a great spring lake with places for fishing, wooded hills that surround it and protect from the wind. Close to the village - the lake, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues.<br /><br />Cost: from $ 900/kv. m<br /><br />Developer: CHAO "Golden Gate"<br /><br />3 place<br /><br />Cottage town "Solar Valley"<br /><br />Readiness: built 65 cottages<br /><br />Location: 16 km from Kiev (Obukhov direction from. Romankiv)<br /><br />Number of households: 129<br /><br />The area houses: from 218 to 570 square meters. m<br /><br />Plot: 0,12-0,40 m<br /><br />Communication: centralized electricity, water, gas and sewerage system, artesian well, the city provided a telephone number and high-speed Internet connected alarm system, video surveillance of the perimeter.<br /><br />Infrastructure: Service management, protection, forest park area with a lake, playgrounds, paths for bicycles. Sports Complex, shops, medical center, a restaurant (during construction), Kindergarten (construction scheduled for 2011)<br /><br />Cost: from $ 1900/kv. m (land price included)<br /><br />Developer: "Sun Valley", "SAS ARCH BUD"<br /><br />4 place<br /><br />Cottage town Riviera Villas<br /><br />Readiness: 35% (45% of utilities - roads, networks, shoreline)<br /><br />Location: 20 km from Kiev (on PPC)<br /><br />Number of households: 70<br /><br />The area houses: from 278 to 820 square meters. m<br /><br />Plot: 0,15 - 0,40 m<br /><br />Communications: gas, electricity, heating, central water supply (140 m wells) and sewage<br /><br />Infrastructure: the territory of the French Riviera (first street), connect all communication is conducted hour security. Here we construct two beach promenade, tennis courts, volleyball and children's playground, wooden terrace with a bar and dock for boats, pavilions, landscaped walking paths and green lawns. More social infrastructure will be with the wishes of the inhabitants of the town.<br /><br />Most of the sites in the Riviera Waterfront (street) have access to a channel that allows owners to acquire their own houses mooring for boats and yachts. All the houses here are built on an individual project and have virtually no restrictions on the area. Home Riviera Waterfront was scheduled for this fall, but today summed up all the utilities, the road is made with light and houses under construction.<br /><br />Cost: from $ 2500/kv. m (land price included)<br /><br />Commissioning: 2012<br /><br />Developer: Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development PLC<br /><br />5 place<br /><br />Cottage town DREAMLAND<br /><br />Readiness: 34%<br /><br />Location: 20 km from Kiev<br /><br />Number of households: 38<br /><br />Total area: 18 ha + big lake<br /><br />Communications: electricity, heating, central sewerage. Autonomy of the town provides its own substation, as well as artesian wells<br /><br />Infrastructure: The architectural concept of the town provides for the division complex: two lines along the lake, shopping and entertainment center (fitness center, spa, supermarket), children's center of spiritual development, the beach at the lake.<br /><br />Cost: $ 4900-6200 per 0.1 ha<br /><br />Commissioning: 2011-2012.<br /><br />Developer: TOV "PKI"<br />/ / Contracts <br />
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