5 conditions of the land reform, without which the sale of land can not be

24.03.2011 11:01
Articles about real estate | 5 conditions of the land reform, without which the sale of land can not be Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mykola Tomenko believes that the sale of land is only possible after the five conditions for land reform.

As reported to the press service of the Tomenko about it, he said, speaking at a briefing before the start of the parliamentary hearings on the theme: "Earth in the Ukrainian fate: the situation in the land sector, the legislative provision of land relations and the practice of its implementation", held in the Verkhovna Rada.

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Tomenko said that he flatly opposed to "fit" of land reform by a specific date. "This is possible only if the implementation of a minimum of five conditions," - he said.

The first Tomenko called to define the strategy of public policy in relation to the natural foundation of Ukraine, in particular, to a natural preserve. "Today we have a critical indicator of wilderness protection - 5,4%, while in Europe - 12-15%. Therefore, it is necessary to define the territory that will never become a sphere of economic relations and will remain in the care of the state, and then move to the question of strategy with respect to agricultural land, "- said vice speaker.

The second condition, according to Tomenko is the need to clearly define what is the strategy of the state in agriculture, land reform and food policy. Does "The State is a strategic priority and, accordingly, provides a subsidy of agricultural producers and creating adequate infrastructure available to wholesale markets, etc." - he added.

The third condition, according to Vice Speaker - Inventory of the Land Fund of Ukraine. He noted that, according to the government, today in the state of the inventory is no information about the owners and the state 70% of the land. "Therefore, until such time as will not be built information system to guarantee state ownership of land through the creation of a unified automated system of state land cadastre and associated land base, such solutions are dangerous", - underlined Tomenko.

The fourth condition is that land reform should be legally and in practice is defined priority agricultural producers or those who are really working on the land and has leased the land.

In addition, should be clearly written out the priority of Ukrainian citizens in the privatization of land, or ban the privatization of land by foreigners.

"When these five conditions will be formatted in the laws in specific government programs, budget and specific actions - only then can we say that Ukraine and society matured to the right of private ownership of land, opportunities to buy land," - said Tomenko.

He also believes that the land market should not be defined by a specific date, but should be the final point after the creation of legal, economic and institutional prerequisites for land reform.

Vice-Speaker noted that under the present conditions the question of accelerating the legalization of the sale of land is flawed and can lead to irreparable consequences.

Tomenko pointed out that such an important issue as land reform in the parliamentary hearings had to report personally to the Prime Minister or someone from the vice-premiers, at the same time, the government submitted the speakers identified the first deputy minister of agriculture and food and First Deputy Chairman of the State Agency of Land Resources.

According to the vice-speaker, this means that the government together with the team of the President have already decided how to act in the land market, and the statement of officials of the Presidential Administration that land sales will begin on 1 January 2012, was symptomatic. "If so, what is the need to hold parliamentary hearings and hear the opinions of specialists, experts and those working on the ground," - said Tomenko.


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