4 Steps to purchasing land in the cottage

29.10.2010 09:17
Articles about real estate | 4 Steps to purchasing land in the cottage To future land owners not to drown in a sea of proposals and decide the same for any purpose they want to buy your own piece of the planet Earth, we suggest that you review the following data as confirmed by other Internet sources and the law ...

1. The first step.

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Need to determine what you need land.

Classification of land being considered for purchase:

Agricultural land. Divided into:
- Used for agricultural production (usually indicates a particular type of farming: arable land, livestock, perennial crops);
- Designed for gardening;
- A country house construction.

Settlement lands (land settlements)
- Individual multi-story building;
- To accommodate the homes of individual residential buildings;
- Located in the cottage, gardening and horticulture associations;

Once defined, you will no longer be considered half of the proposals on the land market and spend their time - is enough to ask the seller "what category of land and its purpose?".

For what? Category of land permitted use How to use this site
Build a home for permanent residence or vacation with the right to registration in the Land of settlements therein Individual housing or country house construction can build a tenement house and register it
Build a home for permanent residence or holiday Agricultural uses of land plots for farming can build a cottage tenement house
Build a house for the summer holiday break and a garden or garden Agricultural uses of land plots for gardening, land plots for vegetable gardens can build a tenement house
Plots of land settlements that are in the summer, gardening and horticulture associations

2. The second step.
So - so, why did you land you figured out the second stage need to understand that you will receive in return svoix money - that is, clearance of the land and its legal purity. Particular attention should be paid for a certificate of ownership. As it will be processed: individually only on your site or a large proportion of the plot, which later must mezhevat, split into parts, etc., which would result in additional time and cost, not to mention the books issued in exchange for membership fees area in which any society.

3. Third step.
Having dealt with the fact that you do not throw your money away (step 2) go to the absorptive potential of the site. Ie need to deal with connectivity to energy (core - electricity and gas, as well as water and sanitation) and the prospects for their construction:

A. The presence of the allocated limits on communications in a given territory - as a potential buyer does not always know what documentation to request the seller, then met the answer that "the electricity we get here from the line and the gas is fed from this pipe here. That would not be trapped to request a list of the documents listed below (see Summary).
B. Equity (financial) participation of land owners in the construction of necessary communications - in addition to having limits on an important issue remains the financial costs for the construction of communications. It should specify the cost of construction of common communications (if they have not yet built) and how much it would cost for you, because there are cases when this cost is much higher than the value of land and affects the cost of building a house.

Land without communication is not a very cheerful event, of course, in an age of technological breakthroughs everything can be done independently (for example, buy GASOLINE), but once it is necessary to calculate in any penny it will come out. And now in more detail about what else you need to know about communications prior to purchasing land for building.

Electric power supply
To understand the connectivity you need to know availability of permits for connection, technical requirements and the allocated limits consumption. Check the validity of these documents, unnecessarily if the validity period has ended, it is not the fact that they are renewed. For example, if the electricity had not been signed and paid for by the treaty of accession, the technical conditions can not simply be extended, citing a lack of technical capability and the site will remain without electricity, or the problem must be addressed in another way, that will require significant investment.

Gas supply
As mentioned this is the main electricity and gas. Of course you can and heated with coal, but all the same thing of the past, besides the impossibility of automating heating and dirt from the coal and schlaka - a big disadvantage and inconvenience. So make sure if there is a possibility of connecting to the gas. To this should be specifications for the construction of the pipeline and confirmation of the possibility of using gas (limits).

Water supply
It is better to water was the central (on networks Gorvodocanal or general well with the system of preparation (purification) of water). You can certainly make your hole, but by law it must be licensed, have a protective zone, which prohibited any activity, and need a water purification system. All this is expensive and requires considerable time for the organization and subsequent operation.

Currently existing system of local sewage systems (septic tanks) make it possible to quickly and economically solve the problem of sewer in the absence of a central sewage system, with a high degree of automation, with minimal time and cost of ongoing operation.

Ask the seller documents confirming the ability to connect to energy, namely:
1. The specifications for the connection of electricity (check their validity).
2. The contract for technical connection to the electricity network (pay it).
3. Project power if the networks are not built to harmonize it, and construction time.
4. If the electrical networks are built, check whether there is a contract for the supply of electrical energy.
5. Technical conditions for gas connection.
6. Confirmation "SibGiproNIIGaz about the possibility of consumption of a specific gas volume (hydraulic calculation).
7. Project deadlines and pipeline construction.
8. If the pipeline is built, look at acts of commissioning.
9. Find out how to be water and sewer.

4. Fourth step.
Another not unimportant consideration when buying land is the availability of the operating organization. Who will maintain the network, the road to clean, remove debris and improve the living conditions, etc. How and with what quality will operate the territory adjacent to your site.
Nice to live where there are park for walks, lawns trimmed, the road is clean, no trash, there is video surveillance, and maintenance staff responds quickly to requests for repair of communications.
We hope that this article will help you make the right choice when buying land.
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