4 myths about housing abroad

24.10.2010 10:48
Crisis - this time, when actively propagate the rumors and myths. If in doubt, look at what has happened in recent weeks with buckwheat and other products that were swept away at once from the store - and it is under assurances from the authorities that the situation is under control, and nothing bad will happen ...<br /><br />Is no exception and the real estate market, as well as its more narrow segment - foreign objects: in connection with the crisis processes about him, too, began to tell terrible things. We decided to gather the most common of the "horror" and see how they correspond to reality, writes Prian.<br /><br />The first myth: real estate buyers were "milked" the authorities<br />The essence boils down to what the state facing serious problems with filling the budget, turned to the rich foreigners who have bought their property. In particular, raise all sorts of taxes.<br /><br />To say that this rumor is completely devoid of reason, would not be true - something where taxes are raised. In particular, says Julia Titova, director of "Rentsale", from July 1, 2010 the VAT was increased in Spain. Real estate instead of the 7% it was 8% for other goods and services, including undeveloped land - 18% instead of 16%. Authorities and especially do not hide that rely on increased taxes to the Treasury - according to calculations, this measure should bring in the year to 10 billion euros. However, to call a tax innovation horror which can not be ruinous for the buyers. "It is the amount of suspension of purchasing property in the country - 250 thousand euros - said Julia Titova. - Previously, the VAT is 17.5 thousand euros here, now - 20000.<br /><br />Similarly, increased VAT in Portugal - 1%. True, before he was a tall - 20%, and from 1 July this year was 21%.<br /><br />An interesting situation developed in Greece. And so big already VAT (21%) was increased to 23%. It looks terrible, but ... As explained Stanislav Singel, President of International Real Estate Agency "Gordon Rock", this tax is calculated on the cadastral value, which is lower than the real factor of 2-3. In addition, the expert continues, there exists an annual tax, but it is levied on real estate cadastral value is above 243 thousand euros. The calculation is based on the number of owners: The above figures apply when the owner of one, but if the object belongs to a married couple, the "threshold" is already 486,000. In fact, (with due allowance for differences inventory and the real value) to pay this tax accounts for only those who owns the villas more expensive than 700-800 thousand euros - but such purchases are not so much.<br /><br />Some countries do not touch their own taxes related to real estate. So, said Vladislav Andreev, real estate consultant company "Cybarco Ltd.", Received the Government of Cyprus. Moreover, the bill was approved, according to which Russian citizens who purchase property worth 300 thousand euros, can now get permanent residency.<br /><br />In Egypt, says Alexander Selivanov, head of the analysts "SVR Group", real estate taxes rather humane. Objects cost less than 450 thousand pounds ($ 1 equals approximately 5.5 Egyptian pounds) did not taxable. For more expensive taxes are, but rather moderate: in particular, the object value of one million pounds to the owner to pay $ 121 a year. If the object is to lease, net income from the rental of less than 6000 pounds are exempt from taxes. If the sum is greater - there are taxes, but is deducted from the taxable base by 30% in maintenance and repair facility.<br /><br />Bottom line: most states did not worsen the conditions for foreigners to their markets. "The government understands that higher taxes will lead to falling property prices, and this unnecessary problems, which are completely useless", - commented Denis Evseev, managing partner of "Kingsland".<br /><br />Myth Two: The soaring contents overseas property<br />In principle, the same thing as myth number 1 - the only difference is that the role of "milkers," not acting power, and the companies that serve your apartments, villas or townhouses.<br /><br />To say that this is not true, it would be untrue. During the crisis, more expensive everywhere, and if in any country to raise tariffs for real estate maintenance and utility payments, then it will affect everyone - locals and foreigners. Room service is directly linked to the economic situation: rising energy prices, inflation, etc., - said Sergey Demchenko, Director of Business Development "Lemestia Group". - For example, in Bulgaria, the cost of servicing complex located in resort areas, increased an average of 20%. But still, these figures are significantly less than the cost of servicing the complexes with a similar infrastructure in Moscow. "<br /><br />"In Cyprus, the figures remained the same - says Andreas Huludis, head of the Russian representative office" PAFILIA ". - In my opinion, in times of crisis logical to reduce the cost for the service object to get the client and win the competition ... The increase in prices - is a desperate move that leads to nowhere, it's stupidity. " From add that position Mr Huludisa author seems very nice - that would put him to lead the Russian community services ...<br /><br />Outcome: utility payments, as we see in some places rose. However it happened, first, in moderate amounts, and secondly, for good reasons. And thirdly, in normal countries nobody would never selectively "milked" it is aliens ...<br /><br />Myth Three: for foreigners worse treat the local population<br />Some people believe that visitors take away their jobs. Others do not believe - just rob foreigners.<br /><br />Again, do not claim that this view appears quite out of nowhere. "There is a simple rule: do not buy property in countries where people other than you, looks at the world - recommends Denis Evseev (" Kingsland "). - Europeans are mostly peaceful and friendly, and here in Turkey or Egypt should consider over its appearance and safety, going to an unfamiliar area. "<br /><br />"The slogan" Egypt for the Egyptians, at one time pronounced by Mohammed Ali (not talking about a boxer, and the spiritual leader of Egypt, who fought against the occupation of Britain. - Ed.), Is very popular in the country, - says Alexander Selivanov ("SVR Group "). - Sometimes it is pronounced aloud. Foreigners are some annoying features of the local population - but if that too much focus, to live in Egypt you can have." On the other hand, resembles an expert in Hurghada live today, according to authorities, about 38 thousand foreigners. Of these, 18 thousand Russian. Only 3000 of them are resident and working visas, but the authorities turn a blind eye to it, knowing that every foreigner brings in foreign currency.<br /><br />In this circumstance (that foreigners, including Russian, spend money) is the cause of good relations to them by the majority of local residents. "Property owners need to try very much to cause a backlash - said Julia Titova (" Rentsale "). - Itself never with such did not face, and imagine it can not. Even if the Russians are drinking heavily in pubs, then this they spend money there, they only love it more and meet with even greater enthusiasm. The same situation in the shops - the Russians are spending lots of money on shopping, all the expensive resort shops have Russian speaking staff, whether in Spain, Italy or Turkey. " As for theft, the expert continues, then the rare cases met before. Now more of them - especially because many Russian subject the owners of their property for much more expensive local standards, and do it openly.<br /><br />Outcome: In general, the local population is friendly to visitors, realizing that provide services to foreigners - it is sometimes the only way to make money in a crisis. On the other hand, buyers should remember the simple wisdom, we recommend not to go into a stranger monastery with its charter. Feelings and beliefs of the local population must be respected, his riches did not stick out (not on the ruble are!) In hazardous areas (if they exist - you are warned) not to meddle.<br /><br />Myth Four: a crisis abroad has become more difficult to work<br />It is understood that part of the Russian property buyers are trying not only to live but also work in these countries. And thence, in a crisis state actively engaged in protectionism, protecting their own workers from competition.<br /><br />Here one must recall that the issue concerns all the same minority buyers - mostly apartments and houses bought for life, sources of income one way or another are in Russia. Second - most of the country to protect its labor market always, the crisis there is nothing particularly new is added. Remember that visas that allow foreigners usually do not provide permission to hired work.<br /><br />On the other hand, almost all countries welcome when someone organizes them their job - in other words, he is investing in the economy. You can also find jobs (and employment!) Skilled occupations that the local market is in short supply - for example, in Bulgaria, said Sergei Demchenko ("Lemestia Group"), are highly valued employees of the banking sector and insurers, and in Cyprus - experts in the field of IT.<br /><br />Do not forget, and that is often proclaimed bans, but the authorities are looking at violations through their fingers - as in the already mentioned case of 18-thousand Russians in Hurghada.<br /><br />Outcome: work in a foreign country has always been difficult, the crisis has hardly changed the situation dramatically. For work required level of training, an order of magnitude greater than for a simple real estate purchase.<br /><br />Summary<br />As you can see described to common opinion are just myths - that is, They are based on real facts, but "enriched" people's imagination, which does not recognize my own mother. Problems, of course, there are - but as sung in the famous song: "Someone somewhere they have sometimes ...".<br /><br />But in general, in the unanimous opinion of our experts, now is the best time to buy "zarubezhki. First, the price of the crisis is radically decreased. And secondly, because of the strong shallowing of the stream of buyers who still comes to the market with money, feeling almost that inhabitants of heaven. Huge choice, buyers "are walking" in restaurants, retailers demonstrate "the local hospitality."<br />www.zagorodna.com <br />
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