2011 could be the year of revival of mortgage lending

25.01.2011 16:05
Articles about real estate | 2011 could be the year of revival of mortgage lending 2011 has all chances to become the year of Revival of mortgage lending. A number of circumstances related to the reduction in the cost of the resource base, leads to an increase in demand for mortgages.

Told BIZ.liga.net said the head of department of strategic development and marketing of retail business FUIB Valery Patsuy.

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According to him, the possible prospects of resolution of foreign currency lending may also affect the situation both in terms of refinancing / restructuring of existing loans on favorable terms and in terms of new loans.

At the same time, as stated by experts interviewed Prostobank.ua, in 2011, analysts do not expect radical changes in the mortgage market. Will likely continue to trend the past year: a gradual reduction of interest rates, increasing the number of banks offering loans to buy real estate.

"We forecast that in 2011 will increase the number of banks, mortgage loans, as banks are gradually returning to this market segment. As mortgage interest rates in the whole market, they may still fall, but this reduction has to be small" - Dimitrios said Efthymiou, Director of Development Retail Universal Bank.

However, the successful implementation of the state mortgage program, and further reduction in mortgage interest rates to a level at which they become attractive for the borrower, the mortgage market could demonstrate in 2011 a significant growth.

"If the market will be developed and maintained by government agencies at the same pace as in 2010, when an optimistic forecast of the mortgage market will reach crisis level closer to the third quarter of 2011" - predicts Maxim Koshevtsov.

You can also expect that in 2011 banks will increasingly use the variable rate on mortgage loans. However, this does not mean that fiksirovnnaya rate will disappear from the market. "In the near future, the fixed rate will be a leader, given the fact - that it remains profitable for financial institutions for short-term lending", - says Andrey Osipov.

In this case, a floating rate usually will be used for long-term lending. "The only problem for the introduction of market-based floating rate in Ukraine is the lack of a single indicator which clearly shows the cost of resources for foreign exchange market and the possibility of Bank financed at this rate, as in Western countries in which there is LIBOR and EURIBOR.

Therefore, some banks have tie interest rates to their deposit programs, others - to the market rates ", - says Ivan Kuzovkin, deputy chairman of Bank of Cyprus. In addition, loans with floating rate is often not credible borrowers.

With regard to the size of down payment on mortgages, experts admit its decline in 2011, but a radical reduction of advances should be expected.

"I think the down payment is less than 30% of the value of collateral offered will not be because the real estate market has not stabilized and is not completely understood offers on the property value on it. 30% of the advance it is the very minimum" cushion "for the fluctuations in the value," - explains the Vital willow. And certainly in the near future should not expect to return to the market for loans with no down payment.

"I do not think it will happen in 2011, this would require a minimum of 3-5 years, and even in the absence of financial disasters. Another way might be to provide additional security for the loan", - says Natalya Baidakova, Chief Management of active and passive operations of retail businesses BM Bank.

Do not expect the experts and the resumption in 2011, foreign currency lending. "In order to maintain the demand for domestic currency and stabilize financial markets resume lending in foreign currency in 2011 is not expected, especially as to the BP introduced a bill amending the Law on Protection of Consumer Rights, which provides for a ban on foreign currency lending" , - says Andrey Osipov.

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