2 circuits of the search or purchase of apartments

10.05.2011 00:01
Articles about real estate | 2 circuits of the search or purchase of apartments In the current situation today in the real estate market, there are 2 search schema or purchase of apartments.

In the first place. The buyer can independently examine the proposals submitted in the press, negotiate, inspect the home and perform all transactions. But most likely, he will understand that the final stage of the transaction to commit without consulting with professionals not worth it. In addition, to solve the issue of settlements will be difficult. If the buyer expects to find in the newspapers, direct-dial telephone seller, especially it will not have to count on saving money. Them there is very little, while the price is always equal to that offered to agencies. Buyers often confusing phrase "from the builder prices lower."

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The vast majority of cases - it's the authors who simply fill up, thus, their own databases.

Another way. Buyers are invited to solve any problems that need to search for a professional. He should be able to find the optimal solution. Thus, once worth thinking about what is right, if everyone will be engaged in the business.

Maybe he considers it not as reasonable to spend their time in order to carry out search and selection options, and the further views of the organization.

In this case, there is a desire to obtain a range of services: analysis and selection of real estate, preview, explanation, optimal solutions and pitfalls, the definition of the probability of risk, the organization and conduct of the transaction and further post-sales support. The purchaser may find a company that will help him in this important matter. But, unfortunately, there is a third way of buying real estate - dishonest. It happens that the buyer does appeal to the agency and the apartment is pretty fast. Everything is ready for sale and the realtor trying to negotiate with the seller to conduct a transaction on their own. This version is completed, if the seller is also a dishonest or incompetent.

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