12 tips for home buyers in new

09.10.2012 01:00
Articles about real estate | 12 tips for home buyers in new Housing, as we know, not only the process is long and complicated, but also associated with a number of serious risks, such as: choice of a reliable builder, good execution of necessary documentation, quality of construction, and more. The experts made twelve tips for home buyers in new buildings.

1. Need to learn about the builder and the most residential complex on the Internet, such as forums. Real estate investors tend to actively discuss all issues related to the project and the pace of construction of new buildings.

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2. Necessary to define the requirements for the new building and to assess infrastructure component liked the project. Must be defined in advance with the proximity of schools, kindergartens, shopping centers and other infrastructure.

3. It is worth to assess the transport situation and congestion in the area.

4. Independent analysis of the market of new prices will always find an offer for a lower price.

5. Most profitable returns when buying new buildings as investments provided by investing on the stage of excavation - about 30% due to changes in the construction phase.

6. Closely inspect all paper to build a house, even in well-known companies. Because they often commit minor violations, relying on the fact that the buyers will be enough big names. The most important paper - the authorization for construction of the facility.

7. The contract of the purchase must be necessarily registered in the BTI.

8. Project gets additional guarantees, if it has support for large banks. Remember, the bank offers a joint mortgage programs with the developer only after a thorough examination of all the documents of the future residential complex.

9. When buying an apartment all cash transactions must be carried out by bank transfer. If the seller insists on payment of "live" money, the buyer at the hands should be issued two documents, receipt of credit cash order and receipt of cash registers.

10. If the developer made a delay of construction and offers to sign an additional agreement on extending the term of the apartment, sign the agreement is not necessary. This document makes it impossible to claim a penalty in connection with the improper performance by the seller of commitments.

11. If you find gaps in their already-built house to be transferred in the act of reception - transmission. The developer is obliged to fix them. If the construction company refused to sign a certificate indicating defects, the buyer should be sent to the builder claim and to refer to the shortcomings and the need to address them in a certain time.

12. Review the contract on individual share, you need to know exactly what are the features of the purchased apartment, in particular the area of ​​real estate. In the event that the developer passes an apartment smaller area than in the contract, the buyer has the right to seek compensation through the developer or go to court. Sometimes a developer in the contract fixes some limit the difference in the area of ​​apartments and is willing to pay compensation only if the difference exceeds this figure. However, such a condition of the contract with one hundred percent probability of being recognized by a court as invalid, regardless of what "shortage" was originally provided by the contract, the five square meters. m or 100. Most frequently, such disputes can not be solved out of court with the developer. Always remember that all the words that make changes to the contract are not only your builder.


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