11 major new products of the Tax Code

20.11.2010 13:12
INCOME TAX<br />Now: 25%.<br />New Tax: Gradual decline: from 2011 to 23% in 2012 to 21%, from 2013 to 19% in 2014 to 16%. Inclusion in income the cost of services rendered uproschentsami.<br /><br />At that affect. Reducing income tax rates will reduce the incomes of the budget, but will attract investors, encourage the business of "shine" their profits. Inclusion in income the cost of the services specified uproschentsami will override the tax evasion scheme wages (when staff is registered as chepeshnikov), but the real blow to small businesses, since businesses will be unprofitable to book with "edinonalozhnikov, for example, transport services or repairs premises. Most likely, the majority of uproschentsev in these segments will pass on the common system of taxation, or cease to exist. This may raise prices for services in these markets.<br /><br />VAT<br />Now: 20%.<br />New Tax: We introduce an automatic refund of VAT.<br /><br />From 01/01/2011 to 12/31/2013 VAT rate will be 20%, and 01/01/2014 - 17%.<br /><br />At that affect. If avtovozmeschenie VAT starts, it will reduce the amount of "borrowed" the state from the business of money and can create difficulties with the financing of the Cabinet to the budget. Increase the amount of working capital business, especially exporters, which will allow them to spend on modernizing production. After reduction of the VAT by 3% goods could theoretically cheaper by 1-1,5%.<br /><br />INCOME<br />Now: 15%, regardless of income.<br />New Tax: 15% for those with a monthly income of up to 10 minimum wages (currently 9,070 USD, with 1.12. - 9220 hr), 17% for those with monthly income above 10 minimum wages.<br /><br />At that affect. Budget revenues will increase slightly, because people who receive such a legal wage, there is very little, and after raising the tax rate will be even less (would take away wages in the shade). But in the future, with the growth of wages in the country could give effect.<br /><br />INCOME ON DEPOSITS<br />Now: None.<br />New Tax: 5% of income (2015)<br /><br />What impact: Not everything since come into force in 4 years.<br /><br />REAL ESTATE<br />Now: None.<br /><br />New Tax: In 2012 for an apartment with total area of 121-240 square meters. m and houses from 251 to 500 square meters. m must be paid up to 1% minzarplaty established on 1 January of the year for each square. meter per year (today it is 9.07 USD for the "square" or 1,097 UAH per year per apartment and 2267 USD for a house). For apartments with total area of 240 square meters. meters and houses more than 500 square meters. m to be paid is 2.7% minzarplaty for each "extra" over 120 meters (for "lodges" in the 241 sq. km. m obtained 2,963 UAH per year for the "house" 501 square meters. m - 6,147 USD). The rent is less than 120 square kilometers. m, and the house is less than 250 meters (such us the vast majority) do not have to pay tax. Yesterday in this tax was introduced an important change - it will take to the flats and houses more than 120 and 250 square feet, but not total area, and just living. They say that at this present one of the leaders of the Parliament House, which in this case is not subject to taxation.<br /><br />At that affect. The effect of the introduction of this tax will be small. Firstly, because of the item on the residential area (see above).<br /><br />Secondly, because of rules that can not pay the tax, if there is no one registered.<br /><br />Single tax<br />Now: 20-200 USD per month. with an annual turnover of up to 500 ths.<br />New NC: In communities where they live to 150 thousand people. - 20-200 USD per month. (Sum everywhere establish local authorities), from 150 thousand to 500 thousand people. - 20-400 USD, more than 500 thousand people. - 20-600 grn.<br /><br />Physical persons-entrepreneurs engaged in multiple activities, pay tax at a higher rate. Legal entity can not operate under a simplified system of taxation.<br /><br />"Uproschentsy" with an annual turnover of up to 300 ths will work without cash registers, with a turnover of 300 to 600 thousand USD / year only with a cash register (it's free offer state). And those and others are allowed to have no more than 4 employees (in the restaurant sector - to 8 employees).<br /><br />Shortened list of activities which are allowed to work on a single tax.<br /><br />At that affect. If the tax is not "behave brutally" with inspections and penalties (they, however, promise the next six months with uproschentsev no charge, even if they prevent any violation of) part of the business "from 300 to 600" will work with cash registers. But mostly businessmen will come away with a single tax, as its basic meaning for many was to hide from cash accounting to tax audits not bothered (the actual speed could have been more than 500 thousand a year). With cash registers that meaning is lost.<br /><br />TRANSPORT<br />Now: Pays for the first production vehicle registration, and annually. The amount depends on engine size - the bigger, more expensive (the collection ranges from 3 to 60 UAH per 100 cu. Cm volume for passenger cars and from 15 to 25 UAH per 100 cu. Cm for freight). For example, for the most popular car (the volume of 1500 cubic meters. Cm) rate of 5 USD per 100 cu. cm or 75 UAH per year.<br /><br />New Tax Code: The transport fee is charged only on the first registration with car, motorcycle, bus, tractor, etc. (depending on vehicle engine size ranges from 3 to 60 UAH per 100 cu. Cm volume for passenger cars and from 15 to 25 UAH per 100 cu. cm for freight). Instead of increasing the annual vehicle excise duty on fuel.<br /><br />At that affect. The increase in excise duty on fuel with a vengeance overrides the effect of the cancellation of the annual vehicle fee - in the end due to an increase in gasoline prices, motorists will pay more.<br /><br />EARTH<br />Now: For settlements with a population of 50 to 100 thousand people. tax rate is 0.45 USD per 1 sq. km. m, with a population of 100 to 250 thousand people. - 0.525 USD / sq. m. For the megacities (that Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk) - 1,05 USD / sq. m<br /><br />New Tax Code: Tax increased by 3,2 times: for the settlements with a population of 50 to 100 thousand people. tax rate increased to 1.44 UAH per 1 sq. km. m, with a population of 100 to 250 thousand people. - Up to 1.68 USD / sq. m. For megacities (that Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk) - 3,36 USD / sq. m<br /><br />At that affect. Increase budget revenues tripled, but the amount they will be insignificant, not more than 100 million UAH.<br /><br />TAX LAW (BASIC)<br />Now: Unscheduled inspections are allowed tax 1 per year, provided that the entrepreneur is 4 quarters in a row shows that it runs at a loss. On verifying the alert for 10 days. You can seize property without a court order.<br /><br />New Tax Code: Introduced Flash (actual) test at any time, their number is not limited, to prevent is not necessary. In this case, tax authorities can poll workers legally if they work, how they are paid salaries (either officially or in envelopes) and check the documents of the company (maintenance work books, etc.) for compliance with the Labor Code. It is forbidden to seize property without a court order, but it can be arrested for 96 hours.<br /><br />At that affect. On the one hand, encourage some businesses to switch to legal wages, on the other hand - will prepare the ground for abuse of the tax authorities, may lead to increased corruption (when, after a "surprise" inspections entrepreneurs will offer to "negotiate in an amicable way" - but there is always to find fault anything).<br /><br /><br />EXCISE<br />Increasing excise taxes on all fuels (including introduced excise duty on liquefied petroleum gas, which now does not), on alcohol, tobacco.<br /><br />At that affect. Dramatically (4-5 times or 2,5-3 billion USD a year) will increase the budget revenues due to an increase of excise duty on fuel. In this case, petrol price will rise by 50 kopecks., Liquefied gas - by 40 kopecks. And cigarettes - by 30-50 kopecks., Vodka - by 50 kopecks, wines - about 30-50 cop. And it's probably not the last increase.<br /><br />Tax Holiday (0% income tax)<br />Now: None.<br />New Tax: For businesses with a turnover of 3 million USD a year for 5 years from 2011, and paying employees a salary of not less than two minimum.<br /><br />What impact: In some extent, tax holidays will be compensating for small and medium-sized businesses, which will go to the simplified taxation system for conventional and "shine" a real revolution.<br /> <em>Today </em><br />
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