10 ways to save house from fire

17.01.2011 09:33
When settles first joy of purchasing a country house - it's time to think about security, both your own and your new home. This question is difficult, but the "owner" outlining in detail all the intricacies of the defense.

In relation to home-town security problems can be divided into two components: a technological safety and criminal aspect. And if the thief is satisfied with "legkovynosimoy" movable part of your assets, then a fire can destroy them all, including the house itself.

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If you purchased a new home, along with the documents of ownership you have a chance to get your hands on a draft of the home, including the coordination sheet. As regards security, you should pay close attention to the coordination of the project with the Fire inspection (GOiChS) and Chief Power Engineer District (in extreme cases - the electrical company, providing electricity to the house).

When buying a second home, in the presence of the project, and the more data on specific engineering systems can not count - all have to figure out yourself. Of course, this is no reason to give up vending purchases, but must be understood that the additional financial costs and makes sense to try to use this argument in the negotiations with the seller.

Consider the truth

Bulk gas in a country house - a considerable savings in operating costs and of course an additional convenience, but it is also the first point of our security program. So, call a representative of the Mosoblgaz, the goal - to find out the current technical condition of the system (leaks, correct installation), and find out Does installed gas appliances (cooker, boiler) in the registry allowed to be installed on this gas station. If the equipment is modern, imported and automatic control - that certainly does not appear. Convinced of this, we find out a seller who, when and on what basis it installed, with whom ordinated, and demand the Russian certificate of conformity. The outcome of the visit will be the gasman certificate of inspection.

Following an engineering system to be audited, should be electricity. Check if the calculated books and correspondence records meter readings and the presence of seals on it. Now we are looking for a competent person - it is an electrician and necessarily with experience in private houses, as in this niche is a lot of special moments. The first thing you need to find out: two-wire or three-wire connections are wired electrical outlets in the kitchen, garage, a washing machine in the bathroom: If two-wire, the solution can be only one - to change everything!

The specialist will clarify the following mandatory questions: how accurately fulfilled the requirements of EMP (Electrical Code - "Bible" electrician); whether the home ground or at least neutral, to see whether RCD (circuit breakers) in the food chain and built-in household appliances, and and all coming out of the house circuits (garage, garden house lighting plot) as protected from the storm into the house.

If the house is wood or with wooden beams, it is very important in a protective shell (box, corrugated pipe, etc.) are laid wires. Know what's inside the wooden floors and through them all the wires are allowed to hold only in a metal tube and not otherwise, and between floors pipes must be hermetically sealed, non-combustible composition. If a basement is damp or flooded, then the lighting need to alter a voltage not exceeding 36 volts and the same, ideally, also applies to non-residential attic.

It should be clarified on what kind of load calculated outlet to which you are going to connect an electric heater, microwave oven and other similar equipment. It bears and opening several outlets in order to see for themselves that lead the way from the "machine" did not become thinner and the third prong in the socket is not connected to "zero" directly.

On land and on fire

Do I have an earth in a country house - this question is no single answer, even among experts. But if the life you more money, my advice is - do grounding all the rules, it would cost, taking into account the project and control measurements of electrical laboratory in the $ 3000-5000. Unfortunately, good ground better than any magnet attracts lightning, so be sure to find out whether there is a collective nearby lightning rod. If not, then they too will acquire: when lightning strikes to the grid of your house a chance to say goodbye to all the electronics are very high. Many of these issues is quite possible to clarify before making a purchase on their own, or ask your friends to help, but better - the specialists firms, which will "bring to mind" your new home. Even before the deal is very useful to decide whom you entrust the job - it is likely that specialists will find the hidden defects and will save you a considerable sum.

Knowing what to expect from the house itself, it is easier to defend him, and primarily - from the fire. Round white boxes on the ceiling of the office, which ordinary people used to call the sensors - the professional version called "detectors". This word is the best reflection of their basic function - to inform about troubles, but who to notify? Very serious question, the answer to which depends on all further steps in building a system of fire protection.

First we need to find out: make a local fire protection contract with the public, and how the alarm will come on board (modem, GSM-modem). If so, and all the conditions you are satisfied, please contact the firm that is ready to do a project to coordinate it with fire control, to make installation, pass Fire inspection work (the third party in the act of collection / delivery) and system maintenance. It is very likely that the fire protection offers "his" firm, but as practice shows, except for "matching" are "experts" to do anything not know how.

Thus, the firm found. Consider the project and if this standard solution - dismisses it at once! In the fire alarm systems, and indeed all other security systems, model-making does not happen - you do not have a hotel room, and own a house with its own peculiarities.

More recently, the construction of fire alarm systems selection of sensors was limited by only two types: heat and smoke. Now available sensors on all occasions, and it would be remiss not to use their capabilities in the construction of the new system, and although the cost of such sensors is much higher in the skilled application of these costs are fully justified.

In most facilities are installed sensors that react to indoor smoke, but used other types. In the kitchen, installed heat sensors that react to temperature increase, with current models allow you to set the temperature rating up to a degree. The garage can be installed as heat sensors and flame sensors, which detect a fire long before they have time to increase the temperature (because the fire of time goes a minute and sometimes second). In the boiler room, if the house is gasified, it makes sense to install the sensor, which responds to gas leak: an explosion at a volume no flames or smoke.

When signing the act of acceptance / delivery, the manufacturer is obliged to work to give you a spare set of sensors (ISP) in the amount not less than 10% of the installed equipment.

Another point about the fire alarm system, it should be noted separately: a mandatory maintenance, including during the warranty period. The contract maintenance, whether you wrap it with a company or fire department should be clearly spelled out the frequency of inspections required to attend an extremely detailed regulations during inspections conducted in work and an inventory of all installed equipment. After signing the contract drawn up 2 identical log of maintenance: one is stored in a service organization, and the other with you. The logs are marked all the works done, seen and Troubleshooting with the date and time of recording, the names and signatures of persons on both sides.


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