10 Tips to improve your life with Feng Shui

01.11.2010 00:03
10 Tips to improve your life with Feng Shui Under the conditions of modern life, when the day is literally painted on the clock and on weekends catastrophically do not have time to do all the housework, which is scheduled for the week, it is important to have some kind of rapid methods of maintaining comfort and a positive atmosphere at home. After all you want during the week to come to the house where you want to live and entertain, and always willing to look the guests.

1. Start by cleaning your house. If you do not have much time to clean, divide the house into pieces (hallway, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) and pay every one of them for 3-5 minutes. Without realizing it, you bring her home in perfect order, which is quite not difficult to maintain. Also gradually begin to clean the trash that somehow accumulates in every home. Remember the golden rule, that thing you do not use more than a year, can easily leave your house. Start for example with the bills, tickets, flyers and newspapers, which so often handed out on the street, and that will automatically build up on the dressing table or key in the hallway. Then enjoy a "back streets" of your home, because if the corners of rooms littered in the house "stagnant" energy - during the life slows down and there is nothing new. Remember that the easiest way to avoid littering of any area apartment - this is to remove the cause. Constantly collects clothes in a chair or a chair? Move it to another location or even throw! Such radical methods almost one hundred percent positive effect on the atmosphere in the house. Make room for new. Your accommodation "sigh" of relief and you feel it almost immediately.

2. Apply the bagua grid to plan your room or apartment. Look where you are zones of wealth, love, career, etc. Because your home is also a kind of organism, and it is necessary to study its structure and needs to find common ground.

3. Decide what aspects of life are relevant for you at this time. Spend a little soul-searching session: Immerse yourself in a pleasant atmosphere in their dreams and experiences. Determine the course for the future. Imagine, how and in what direction you would like to change your life. Do not be afraid to build the ambitious plans, all must come out.
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4. Next, look at what to do with your chosen area and schedule small and big changes, what would you like to make into a priority zone. To make a decision you can use the specialist advice of our studio, an enormous amount of literature and materials from the Internet. It takes very little time. Remember that time you cast on the development of your home, pay off and certainly will bring you satisfaction and positive results.

5. Do not be alarmed if the area you are interested in, falls on the toilet or bathroom. All can be corrected. Even a small "token" extended stagnant zone of your home can dramatically change the course of your life.

6.Oboznachte for themselves what the characters are working for you personally. That you associate with wealth, career growth, children, and love. After that, pick up "signs of attention": Pictures, statues, posters.

7.Ispolzuyte existing domain for your home. For example: If you have a living plant, it can be put in the area of family or wealth, which will improve the situation.

8. Fill the house favorite smells things. These little things are very important! Only if you live with your family, it is important to smell acceptable to all its members to avoid conflict situations. Well as to implement what has long wanted to, but you do not decide on it for some reasons. Always wanted a warm red blanket on the couch or flowers in the house? Treat yourself! Keep in mind, allowing myself little things you fill your home with positive energy and you will always want the court to return.
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9. Pay attention to the family and friends, because this is your common house, and it should work on all of its inhabitants. Joint work on the improvement can do wonders! If everyone will contribute their ideas on design, joint home renovation necessarily brought together by you and strengthen the family spirit.

10.Proyavite fantasy in renovating your home, allow yourself to become a creator. Try to be respectful to all that done, as you invest your energy in the conversion. Your home - it's part of you. Feel the love of all that surrounds you, and the result will not keep you waiting.

We wish you luck in all your endeavors and harmony in the updated home.
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