10 tips for those who want to save when buying a suburban real estate

04.09.2010 19:49
Articles about real estate | 10 tips for those who want to save when buying a suburban real estate Miserly pay twice. How accurately can use this expression to the situation with housing, sold in the town market, hard to say. But very often in this market found another phenomenon: all is not gold that glitters - in a sense, not all that expensive, sure of good quality. Strongly believe we can say only one thing: low-cost housing in the suburban market today do not. And the notorious midrange - it is too expensive.

1. It would be a desire, and cheap housing can be found even in Kozin, the most expensive area of the Kiev region, where every hut - under supervision. But stubbornly seek it must be only if the star status and proximity to you above all else. Thus it is necessary to account for one major point: the central "figure" deal - the land plot, but here it is more expensive than anywhere else.

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According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, "weaving in the Kozina ranges from 8000 to 50000 dollars. Therefore, to build a house there will be overhead than the same, for instance, the Makarov region. Bring a team of masons and all necessary materials, to connect to the communications, which are the most overloaded in the suburb of Kiev - all these services here are more expensive.

A finished house in Obuhovsky area can be affordable? Victor Kovalenko argues that there are also such suggestions. You can find copies for one reason or another, sold more than one year and had time overgrown with weeds.

2. According to the company "RealEkspo, the most expensive land and houses are located in close proximity to Kiev. And among the potential buyers the greatest demand for suburban housing is in this radius - 10 km from the capital. Convenient. Feelings of isolation no. Daily trips from home to work, school or university, the time occupied by no less than the same path from the Metropolitan Apartments. However, the cost of a cottage in this radius - not a cheap. The cheapest houses today are in Borodyanskyy area.

3.Pri choice of homes for permanent residence at the center put the place of its location. It is desirable that this was a forest glade with a lake or river bank of the reservoir. However, the price of such holdings in the two times higher than in the former collective farm. House for permanent residence near the water can be found on the Dnieper, the Desna, Kozynka. But this option is not for everyone, and it offers less. But a summer cottage near the water - more than a workable project. Take, for example, the Kiev Sea. Places where wonderful, protected, nature virtually untouched. Despite the long distance from the capital (about 40-50 km), the reservoir is gradually being developed, and there are already some interesting proposals in the cottage communities. And the best prices.

4. Living in a village or a chamber in mega-settlement? In any case the prospective buyer's home with all the necessary amenities in the garden and under the watchful guard of the high fence. However, the price per square meter in the settlement chamber is slightly higher than in the big least because in summing up the communication cost of the work was divided by the number of inhabitants, and divide by 10 or 100 - so, as they say in Odessa, two big differences. Yes, and utilities and services, including, in a small town will cost more - all for the same reason. However, less communal, more confidently in her life.

5. Whether or not in a cottage village infrastructure? And if so, what and how much? Unequivocal answer to these questions no one has developers or buyers. Similarly, you can say only one - the average cost per square meter in the village with a developed infrastructure is $ 200 higher than without it. In the subsequent increases and operating costs, because not only have to pay for electricity, gas, cleaning of territory and protection, but also for the sports and cultural centers, restaurants, cafes.

6. For some reason, assumed that the townhouses are classified as economy class. Alas, this is not always the case, despite the fact that some of taunhausnyh buildings sometimes look worse than the "economy". Such housing being built, mostly near Kiev, be cheap it can not by definition. According to Victor Kovalenko, the cost of townhouses in the Kiev region ranges from 700 dollars to 2000 dollars for a "square".

7. The easiest way to save on the house - build it yourself. To do this, just buy a piece of land without a contract in a cottage settlement. The difficulty will be only one. Typically, these plots are sold in large area towns, targeting 150 - 200 houses. Each purchaser put its own problem: someone wants to invest money and then sell the land, someone bought that "was" just in case someone ... There are many options. In fact, it turns out that by buying a bare plot, only a few at once begin to build. As a result, no one knows how long the village will resemble a building site. And the dream of living in the countryside in the fresh air may well remain a dream.

8. Responding to the crisis, the market came a few villages, offering a small house on the square (80 - 120 m2) on plots of 10 - 12 ares. However, it averages. From the main advantages of such housing - a good environment and good location.

9. Price House is made up of several factors, first and foremost - the cost of land and materials.
Construction experience shows that, for example, a house of bricks can not be cheap. Reduces cost of houses and modern materials: foam blocks, sandwich panels, etc. The characteristics are not much inferior to brick, but it can save. Inexpensive, can be and wooden cottages, but only at the stage of interior decoration - the tree does not require bringing the walls to perfection. Besides, home from a bar quickly erected.

10. When buying a cottage often faced with not one, but with several brokers, each of whom is interested to get your piece of cake. Therefore, when choosing a better home to find the direct owner of the village - the builder or real estate agency, which is the exclusive partner of the developer.

Viktor Kovalenko

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