10 simple tips wishing to sell your home faster

27.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | 10 simple tips wishing to sell a house quickly If the house "podzalezhalsya" some simple little things can give it a shine and to increase the attractiveness in the eyes of buyers. Jay Jenkins has compiled a list of ten simple rules that should guide the home owner who wants to sell it as quickly as possible .

1. General cleaning . Nobody wants to live in a dirty house. For little money you can invite professional cleaners - the result will be awesome.

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2 . Cabinets and storage - at full capacity. Everything in disarray scattered through the rooms should be carefully packed and hidden from sight . Do not let the buyers to see your home in " stress condition " .

3 . Removal of odors . For you, your house smells fine, but you live in it 24/ 7. Light the candles , sprinkle spray that eliminates odors , clean the furniture and carpet . No need to strike visitors smell : studies have shown that it can affect their choice.

4 . Polishing or replacing hardware. Door handles, cupboards and drawers easily overlooked in the process of cleaning , but buyers pay attention to them. Dirty , old and ugly hardware will be considered by them as another item of expenditure . Deliver buyers from such thoughts - replace hardware themselves .

5 . More light. Install energy-saving lamps more powerful . Today's buyers will appreciate the dignity of your step to maintain the environment. In addition, a large amount of light will make your home more attractive. Of course, a leader in this regard is the sunlight - do not forget to open all the curtains .

6. Perfect lawn and clean the yard. No need to hire a landscape designer or yard planting rose bushes . Simple lawn mowing and cleaning fallen leaves ( including the gutter ) is able to transform the courtyard beyond recognition.

7. New mailbox . Do not forget that it was his first potential buyers will see when approaching the house. Let this little thing will create a first good impression.

8. New doormat . Trampled by hundreds of feet and soaked dirt , old mat will not create a feeling of freshness . Is to acquire new , and in addition to it buy a few flowers in pots - the entrance to the house immediately becomes pleasantly fresh.

9. Doubly clean windows . The window is a wash , not only outside but inside - clean, they miss a lot more sunlight , which has already been mentioned in paragraph 5.

10 . New beautiful photos at home. Make sure your agent is no longer scares buyers photographs of "old" and surly running home. Immediately fix diligently order induced by a camera . Or armed with a camera and spend so popular today Video tour of the house.
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