10 Secrets of success

31.08.2011 16:40
Articles about real estate | 10 Secrets of success Probably not in this world is nothing more boring than the so-called "folk wisdom"! Oh, Really in the XXI century, someone might be afraid of black cats and women with empty buckets? I do not deny: if there is a proverb, should be the people's stupidity. However, the majority of signs - coded information, the generalized experience of many generations. And if our grandmothers, great-grandmother to all income intuition, the ancient Chinese, the makers of Feng Shui, discovered the laws of success and failure. And here is remarkable: their conclusions tend to coincide with our birthmarks national signs. Let's take a dozen to take - and "decode" them on Feng Shui.

1. Do not sit on the corner of "Seven years without reciprocity", you say? If only it! According to Feng Shui, salient angle, aimed at the person, whether it's corner of the desk, cabinet or any other, sends a poor "poisoned arrows, which left him not only without reciprocity, but without money, health and luck.

2. Do not forgive the rapids' quarrel, "he says. That's right: threshold - the energy barrier that separates the two worlds. On one side - "your", on the other - a "foreign". Invisible border prevents contact and stuff, and the energy transferred "from one world, lost to both worlds. It turns out that the relationship between the participants of contact "is destroyed.

3. NOT READY in a bad mood inayuschih housewives mothers and grandmothers. The older generation is absolutely right: the food absorbs the energy of the environment, and we absorb that same food, we get along with calories and vitamins appropriate energy charge. Soup and meatballs, "charged" a quarrel, news of the terrorist act or emotion generated by the television "horror" are quite capable of poisoning the family.

4. Do not stand behind him - we say, chilly shiver, even if behind was someone totally loved ones. And it's not in the ancient instinct that induces fear stalking the enemy, and that the threat is itself unprotected rear. Lack of support and the support behind Feng Shui is considered the weakest of the energy position. And it is equally important for the person and the home. Behind you should always be a wall or even a screen, and rear of your home must be protected by high hills, or at least a neighbor's house.

5. Does not drive itself into a corner Another extremely unfavorable, according to Feng Shui position. Angle is considered to be a place that can draw energy from a person - a kind of wit vampire. Not for nothing have long get up to mischief child put his nose in the corner - in order to lose the excess energy of a gang (the main thing - do not overdo it a favorite child ...).

6. Do not look into Cracked Mirrors Feng Shui, are harmful not only cracked mirrors, and mirrors with a picture, mirror tiles, and other surfaces, separating, crushing reflection. All these crushes, destroys energy, which will affect, first of all to health.

7. Mirror IN YOUR POCKET will save from the enemy we still believe that when dealing with detractors helps put in a pocket mirror - of course, reflective side out. It will reflect all his bad thoughts and intentions. And also - all negative energy directed against you, the comments of Feng Shui. And tips to protect homes from the adverse effects of the mirror to hang above a door or window.

8. FOR YOURSELF Do not show - we warn people, talking about someone else's ailments. According to Feng Shui, the mechanism of the evil eye in this case is: pointing a finger, we send energy charge. At the same time, calling the disease, give this charge corresponds to the "color": filling with accurate information about the diagnosis.

9. NOT back on the way - the path will not. " Still, says Feng Shui! Remember what we talked about the threshold? All of these jumps "from one world" is quite energy-intensive - it is certainly known to avid travelers who frequently cross borders. If we are forced to return - Rejuvenate: sit (take a force at home), take a look in the mirror (reflecting the energy is doubled).

10. Run under Rainbow - HAPPY WILL Of course, those who remember the physics is clear: make it impossible in principle. But even see a rainbow - a symbol of Heaven's Gate - is considered a good sign. A Feng Shui recommends to "tame" the rainbow and settle it in your own home. That is why it is so favorable archways - passing under them every time we "enter under the rainbow and get the protection of Heaven.
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