10 reasons contributing to a brilliant career

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They say there are 10 reasons that will not allow you to build a brilliant career, but it`s all myths! To your career evolved successfully, you must adhere to certain unwritten rules. It`s no secret that women are more difficult to achieve professional success than men. But often the women themselves make some blunders and missteps that could interfere with their careers and significantly reduce their chances for promotion, and even lead to dismissal.

Particularly able to prevent some of the myths, firmly established in our minds. Let`s try to debunk them.

Myth 1. No education - no career

Naturally, some professional activities require appropriate qualifications. Without education, you do not become either a doctor or a lawyer. But to reach the summit of excellence in many other professions such as journalism, advertising, design, and virtually all creative fields, do not need a university or any other degree. Sometimes need only evening classes or a good textbook. Employers in these professions are more interested in your experience, your own style and as a portfolio than in the certificate.

If you can not take pride in the quality of education, there is nothing wrong to begin a career with the lower echelons. If you dream of, for example, about the career of TV or radio broadcaster, feel free to settle for a junior secretary or "girls to run errands." Your task - to find out the company`s activities within and express themselves, in addition, many employers in the event of a vacancy prefer to raise "their" workers who are already familiar with the conduct of affairs, than to take from strangers.

Myth 2. A long resume looks impressive

Not only for business and busy people. For most employers will be sufficiently well structured and clear summary, in which nothing is superfluous. It will testify to your organization and the ability to express themselves - qualities that are very valuable to most employers. No need to list all previous places of work, especially if more than three. Suffice it to mention the last and highest of positions. And do not write about the hobby, if only it is not directly related to your profession.

Myth 3. For 25-30 years I should know what I want out of life

There are many examples of how the middle course of life people are dramatically changed the profession and achieve success. Do not give up on your dreams, even if you are over forty. Because so many people are unhappy just because they hated the work. Of course, after a certain age, you will not become an astronaut, but in most other professions you may well realize themselves, not merely to regret lost opportunities. After forty years, some are even mannequins and perfectly demonstrate the large size clothing. As she sang Gurchenko one of the films, "Do not be afraid to throw everything at stake, not losing - not to win."

Myth 4. Working outside normal, I can quickly move up the career ladder

Maybe so. Or maybe your boss decides you are too weak, slow or incompetent and have no time to perform all its obligations on time. You also own work outside normal working hours can lead to fatigue, stress, depression, excessive irritability and health problems. It is unlikely that this will contribute to the good performance of your labor, rather, hinder your career. In the movie "For family reasons," Galina Polish mouth of her heroine said: "Working hours for and given to work. It`s called" working time ". And if we do not have time to do something, so we worked badly in it is the working time. " Of course, there are circumstances when you need to stay at night or go to work on weekends. But this should not be your rule.

Myth 5. Better to keep your ambitions in secret

Are you dreaming to take place a senior manager, and five years to get to the Board of Directors? But you`ll never admit it to their colleagues? This is a mistake. Not for nothing in the interview to work very often asked in what position do you see yourself in 5-10 years. Companies interested in healthy young and ambitious "Wolf", but not in those going to spend a lifetime in the junior assistants. An ambitious officer will try as best as possible to carry out their duties and contribute new ideas. In addition, during the liberation of the parent site is your boss will know who is really interested in this vacancy and is not afraid to take responsibility.

Myth 6. It is not necessary "to quarrel" with colleagues and superiors

You are afraid make enemies and agree with all that talk about? In vain. Smooth, good relations would not hurt to keep all employees of the firm. But at work you need to work and not be friends. The most sensible - to communicate with those around you staff at his level and just as with colleagues. Of course, you can have friends among your colleagues or even bosses, but in the workplace should forget about friendship and behave extremely well and officially. Very carefully and formally should behave with their male counterparts. Generally, in the workplace all the personal relationships should be kept to a minimum. Case - first of all, and if the friendship is at odds with the interests of business, you need to forget about it. Do not be afraid to argue with his superiors. Suppose you have an unusual perspective on an important issue. Arm yourself with the arguments, boldly declares itself and its position. But of course, do not argue for any reason, I doubt whether the reputation of an inveterate debater will help you make a career.

Myth 7. Frequent change of work interferes with career

Times when the "flyer" wary and did not want to take them on the job are long gone. Now it is considered that a reasonable number of changes of place and a job profile adds the experience, knowledge and expands the range of useful contacts.

Myth 8. Permanent employment says about my zeal

Of course, you should not mess around in the workplace, but also show the over-employment is also contraindicated. Not be available. Never tell your colleagues that are too busy to assist in emergency work. This is especially important in modern companies, where the strong esprit de corps and important immediate result. Permanent presence in the workplace, there is nothing worse than when your boss is forced to look for you around the office. As if you were not busy, always, do not hesitate to respond to calls and emails.

Myth 9. If the boss criticizes you, it means that your career is under threat

You can not work successfully, if not exactly know what to expect from your boss. And the lack of criticism from the authorities does not mean that your job satisfaction. You may be surprised the call on the carpet or the spacing of the inefficient methods of work. In fact, criticism is better than silence. Then we can take into account the criticisms and improve its methods of work. And do not hurry to take criticism very personally. Servants, and especially women should realize that decisions made by management, does not depend on the location of them superiors or from assessing their performance. In other words, if the boss does not accept any your suggestion, this does not mean that he does not value you as an employee or harbored a grudge against you. And your wounded feelings can prevent you how to focus on your responsibilities.

Myth 10. Working on yourself, you can probably succeed

Why work for someone, when creating his own company, you can put all the profits in your pocket? The prospect seems tempting. However, think a hundred times before becoming a free entrepreneur. If working for a boss, you can not afford vacations, sick leave, hour break for lunch and an early departure from work in the barber shop, then opened his own business, you have to forget about all this. Once you go in the "free floating", you begin to work on the most rigorous and ruthless boss - on himself. And it implies eternal recycling, stress, a dual responsibility, work at an inopportune time and on weekends

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