10 options for the acquisition of suburban real estate: Buying Advice

17.02.2020 00:00
Life outside the city is becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainians. Imagine that you finally decided to join the class of "villagers". Which way should you go so that your needs do not conflict with your capabilities? Where to start in the implementation of their own plans: with the purchase of a land plot, a mansion on the outskirts of a village or a house in a cottage town? Life outside the city is becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainians. Imagine that you've finally decided to also join the class of "rural." Which way should go to get your needs are not logged in contradiction with your capabilities? Where to start in implementing their own plans: with the purchase of land, a mansion on the outskirts of the village or at home in the cottage?

1. The easiest and most affordable way to become the owner of a country "nest" - to buy land. Its price depends on the location, quantity and availability of failed communications. Choosing a home for permanent residence, do not buy the land and in the open field. Unfinished brick mansions - is the pursuit of that cheap land, to bring the communication to which the hosts was much more expensive than to build your own house. Allotment in the village are not always a decent option. Here all have the same problem of communication, which in the village, except for the light, can not be. The most popular and enjoys great popularity today, the way - buying land in the suburbs of Kiev. The absence of some necessary communications, mostly gas and sewage, offset by worthy "contingent." But, on the other hand, the price of land in these settlements may be up to $ 10.000 per hundred square meters.

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2. Buying a ready house in the so-called zone of the point of building has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you already see the house where you will live, on the other hand, the house must match your desires, that is not often. Going in search of the house, it must be remembered about another - virtually all the houses on the market shall be completed, and therefore cost at least $ 150-200 million (data are site www.zagorodna.com). In addition, a new trend of last time - to sell houses with a finished furniture, and this additional cost to the buyer.

3. Despite the fact that the mansions in the "heavy" price category, usually erect beside such as villas, each guarded himself. And about any general abstraction of the question. There are, of course, situations in which residents of point settlements negotiated and establishing general security, and sometimes all sorts of children's and sports grounds, but such corporatism inherent units. So, buying a mansion for $ 200.000, $ 400.000 and $ 500.000, and then, should take care of their own additional protection (which, again, will result in the nth additional amount).

4. According to the company "RealEkspo, 29% of potential buyers prefer to buy land without a contract in the cottage. The farther away from Kiev, the land becomes cheaper - in geometric progression. In addition to providing the land, the developers undertake to bring the communication to build a common fence, roads, and sometimes an infrastructure that will be in the village. In turn, the buyer can build on their 10 acres and more than whatever he wants, except for high-rises and drilling rigs. Despite the apparent attractiveness and ability to save money on construction of the mansion, should take into account one important thing - not the fact that your neighbors cottage area in the state to build their houses at the same pace as you. This means that there is a chance for many years to live on site. Therefore particularly interested in such a way to purchase land in small villages, where no more than 30 homes.

5. When purchasing land with contract you get what is called "two in one". In this case, the cost per square meter includes the cost of the allotment. As a rule, offer for sale up to 10 designs of houses, each of which is tied to a specific size of the plot. The average area of houses - from 120 to 300 "square" area - from 6 to 15 acres, price per square meter - up to $ 1000 if the village is located 20-km zone, and about $ 800, if it is within 50 kilometers of Kiev. When you buy a contract when the settlement is at zero during the construction phase, the cost per square meter is slightly lower than the purchase had already handed over for finishing the house. Save as for building materials, as in the previous case, we do not succeed, even though the buyer is able to correct architectural design and to remove any excess (or vice versa - you add them). What exactly promise builders - can not be protracted.

6. Still in great demand at suburban market are land with forest trees. Those in the market is not very much, the price is high, so before you decide on such a purchase should carefully examine the documents on the site. Firstly, the forest in any case does not belong to the first category. Secondly, these forest lands can be taken only on lease for 49 years and only use them for walks. So if you desire to have the wood for the window is still strong, it is best to purchase so-called settlement lands with forest trees, which are located in settlements in the territories of villages, and towns.

7. No less demand is the land of lakes. In some reservoirs, such as p. Kozynka, weave price can reach up to $ 25.000, but it is provided that the allotment is located in the cottage with painted communications. And in this situation should also carefully study the documents on site and avoid the construction of a mansion in the water protection zone. You should not try to buy land for the so-called first line of the reservoir - cold and wind. And it is absolutely necessary to study the wind rose and explore the territory as a whole - there are no nearby swamps. And then sometimes the mosquitoes and all other mosquito does not save any "fumitoks.

8. 20% of potential buyers, according to the company RealEkspo, prefer to buy a mansion for finishing, which includes plastered and ready for painting walls, screed floors, divorced the house of communication. The difference in price between this mansion and cottages on a turnkey basis is around 20-25%. But bringing a turnkey depends on your desires and possibilities: the ceiling - covered with reindeer skin or stretch, parquet - oak or black wood, etc. To speak of an average price of homes for finishing rather complicated, it all depends on the location, material (monolithic, bricks, wood), the area of the mansion and grounds on which it is located.

9. The greatest number of buyers prefer houses on a turnkey basis. This is the most expensive way to purchase, but, on the other hand, in this case can only enter the furniture and start living. Moreover, sometimes willing to not only the house itself, but the area around where not only planted trees and bushes, but also carried out landscaping work. Just for those who want today to live out of town and did not tolerate the inconvenience of the process of raising the mansion. But in this situation to talk about the price of almost unreal.

10. Today, life in the countryside can not be without the comfort of the urban, which includes shops, sports and entertainment venues, restaurants, kindergartens and schools. Therefore, most buyers when choosing a place of residence pay attention to these moments do not last. Initially, when the country was just beginning construction boom, many cottage settlements included a minimal infrastructure. But over time, it was found that restaurants and tennis courts are not used properly success. Moreover, people sometimes refuse to pay their maintenance, because the data do good they do not have needs. But for small towns (up to 50 houses) internal infrastructure is simply an intolerable burden. Therefore, the current trend - creating the infrastructure, facilities which will go to anyone, and the inhabitants of the village for visits to the pool or the gym will receive discounts or subscribe. Therefore, when choosing a house in the village should pay attention to the presence of a closed infrastructure, as well as the presence of such in the immediate vicinity of the new residence. And to think, and it really is all you need.
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