10 most popular financial fraud in Ukraine

03.12.2010 00:12
Top ten schemes that are currently used by banks and credit unions to lure more money from customers.<br /><br />1.Zarplatnye card.<br />Standard situation: the bank customer receives a payment card and uses it a certain period. Subsequently, the validity period ends, and one forgets about the existence of "plastic". But the account is opened. Therefore, after about two or three years to a user address collectors (sometimes the bank itself) and demand to repay at a rate of about 3 thousand UAH. Because, it turns out, according to the contract, the customer had to pay 50 UAH. monthly service charge of your account. The law in this case on the side of the bank. All honest - all the conditions were spelled out in a contract signed by the customer. The Treaty should be read carefully.<br /><br />2. Credit cards.<br />When renting of the ATM reports: account is left UAH 7. and proposes to remove 10 UAH. Pensioners, students often accept it without knowing what all might end. Automatically (the difference in 3 grn.) Offers them a loan (overdraft), for example, for 500 USD. continue to accrue interest. Client does not notify about this. As a result, over time accumulates 3.2 ths. debt. And all this is legal because is written in the contract.<br /><br />3. Withdraw funds from the card.<br />Non-issuance of cash and checks to withdraw funds from the card - these are frequent. The client wants to withdraw the salary from the card at an ATM, the card is returned and the money and the check he receives. And then the phone receives a message (if this function is provided in the Bank): Account charged the amount that the client has not received.<br /><br />4. Accrual of penalty on a fully amortized loan.<br />Unfortunately, banks use ignorance of customers. After the final making of the loan issued only on receipt of final payment, rather than help with the inscription: "full repayment of the loan." It so happens that on the account will be UAH 2. That did not seem critical for either the bank or the client. However, it entitles the bank to charge late payment.<br /><br />5. Payment of foreign credit.<br />Customer shall pay the monthly payment on the loan, but a receipt (check) is completed at another person and is paid entirely different loan. The client, fully trusting the bank employee, not poring over numbers from the receipts, and learns about the delay, only when it receives a complaint from the bank.<br /><br />6. False Hard Collection.<br />Recently there was an unprecedented case. Collectors stolen car man for the delay on the recently experienced an unprecedented case. Collectors stolen car man for the delay on the loan, which is not<br />loan, which is not recently experienced an unprecedented case. Collectors stolen car man for the delay on the loan, which is not. As it turned out, the bank mistakenly gave the data collection company, a man who is a bona fide borrower.<br /><br />7. Blackmail debtors.<br />Collection companies does not shun. Using everything from threats over the phone not only to the borrower, but also his friends, even at night, visits during evenings and weekends and ending creativity in the form of letters with the message about the debt to the bank and pictures describing the value of human organs.<br /><br />8. Termination of the deposit agreement without the knowledge of the client.<br />It happens that the client, which expired on the deposit contract, contact your bank for their interest, finds that money is not charged because he prematurely terminated the contract on his own initiative.<br /><br />9. Translation of the deposit in gold.<br />Today the "problem" banks often offer their customers renew the regular deposits (hryvnia, currency) to deposits in gold. In this case, "forget" to tell clients that this type of contribution is not guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund.<br /><br />10. Shopping in groups.<br />Impress people at first glance, the attractive conditions of the group receive a loan for the purchase of the apartment, car, land, building houses, etc. The attractiveness of such proposals is incredibly low rates for credit products (4% in local currency), the minimum monthly payments within 250-1000 UAH. for 15-25 years old, unnecessary inquiries on incomes, etc.<br /><br />However, to obtain a loan, but the documents must still pay the "entrance" fee. At the same time, promised "credit" when in fact it is not about lending, and the distribution in the order of total contributions (contributions) of the band.<br /><br />At best, the participants "credits" to each other, while paying more and for participating in this dubious enterprise. So-called "administrators" and team leaders ensure the receipt of goods within three months and not say that under the terms of shopping in groups, some participants schemes have to wait their turn for years.<br /><br />The material used in the report by the NGO "Protection of human consumers of financial services"<br /><br />Prepared by Olga Didukh, FOCUS <br />
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