10 criteria for location of cottage construction

03.11.2010 11:40
Articles about real estate | 10 criteria for location of cottage construction So you got to that stage of life when it's time to build their own house and plant a tree. How to choose a suitable place for the future of the family nest? Experts call the 10 most important criteria.

Choice of direction
Choice of direction is determined largely goals that you set, starting construction of a country house. For example, if your goal - maintaining the prestige it anywhere except Obukhov and Kiev Sviatoshynsky areas do not even make sense to consider the proposal.

And if it is important that mother-in was where to plant cucumbers and potatoes in the summer, here is very different priorities. According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko, it can be any areas of the Kiev region.

Determine the direction that suits you need, taking into account possible traffic jams and the direction of your movement: so if you have a flat in the north, the country house in the south will require you to systematically travel through the city, plus a few kilometers along the suburban road. Are you ready for this?

Distance from Kiev
You want to have a good weekend or going to live there permanently? If you want a nice view and good ecology, either very expensive or far from the city. If your lifestyle involves frequent trips to the city, then the optimal location of the land - the 20-kilometer zone.

With this account and need to pick up land for building a cottage. Among the most popular cottage settlements experts call those who are not located on 15-20 km from Kiev.

When choosing a place built cottage is an important criterion is the environmental situation. By the way, do environmental survey area with the analysis of samples of air, water and soil will help you to specialists. At this point there should be no industrial plants, landfills, busy routes. Need to pay attention to the compass rose.

And wherever build your house, be sure to close should be run, that there was no problem to quickly reach the city. Also in the cottage must be cultural and sports centers, child care facilities (school, kindergarten), room service personnel.

"It's important to understand where your site - says Victor Kovalenko. - Will it be located in a guarded cottage in the garden community, village or in the open field? "According to experts, the most demanded version - guarded housing estate.

Of course, you can build a cottage in the suburbs, in the wilds, but then you find yourself in a certain sense of isolation. In addition to building the house itself will have to carry roads, communications: electricity, water - all done at once for the whole housing estate. The cost of sporting and cultural facilities, protection also need to calculate, based on the value of the settlement. According to these parameters a cottage is much more expensive.

It should be understood that the boundaries between horticultural associations and cottage villages are increasingly becoming blurred. And while the price of homeownership in the cottage is still higher than is actually in the garden community you only get a house with no infrastructure.

A big plus - it is the presence of an engineering-geological surveys and proximity communication. Gas, electricity and water should be brought to the site.

Nuances of terrain
If there is already constructed buildings can be found at the future neighbors of the nuances of the terrain: the presence and level of groundwater conditions for supplying communications and even the crime situation in the region - all these will contribute to your prosperous living in the new house.

If you want something to grow around your house, pay attention to the soil. Based on the huge number of factors, assessment of the fertile layer, all the soil can be divided according to some characteristics. First, the acidity: it determines the level of productivity of the soil.

To estimate the level of soil acidity can be of plants growing in your garden and around it. Spruce, pine, sorrel, sorrel, acrid buttercup, horsetail, strawberries, different types of moss indicate an increased level of soil acidity. In damp places: at the base of slopes, ravines, near water bodies - the sod-gley soil.

These soils are very fertile, they accumulate nutrients, demolished the slopes of both surface and subsurface waters. With such structure of the soil profile you have to take care of the drainage area, as most plants will experience a lack of oxygen.

The most moist soils - peat - is found in bogs. They are characterized by peat horizons, blue-gray clay layers and high humidity caused by poor transmission of moisture. These soils have a high level of acidity. They can be used to create a lawn, but they just need a high quality drainage. Also to improve performance when you create a lawn you must mix with lots of sand.

On hills, overgrown with pine trees, and a thin humus podzolic horizon is poorly differentiated stratum of sand. These soils are called podzols (not to be confused with podzolic). Due to their composition, these soils are characterized by a good ability to pass water, therefore, does not require drainage. The content of nutrients in such soils is low, since they are quickly washed away. Plants on such soils should be regularly fed organic and mineral fertilizers and mulch to hold.

Victor Kovalenko advised to think of ways the size of the land on which the cottage is located, as well as compliance with the size of plot area of a country house. According to him, for a site area of 10.12 hectare optimal cottage is 200 square meters. m, for 15-20 hectare plot - 350-400 square meters. m, for 30 hectare plot - 500-600 square meters. m

It is important to pay attention to all necessary legal documents for land and a cottage. Victor Kovalenko advises determine the category and the permitted use of land.

According to him, most liquid those sites that do not need to change the category and / or permitted use and fall into the category of land settlement with the permitted use under individual housing construction, as well as areas with the legal rights of ownership.

Victor Kovalenko also advises to be careful with documents on the site. "We deal with a village housing a specificity associated with the paperwork on the deal. Moreover, the list required in transactions with the country real estate documents differs significantly from the documents required for transactions with other real estate.

Typically, these differences relate to documents of the land. For the deal to obtain additional documents related to land, for example, cadastral plan, the act of matching the boundaries of land neighbors, etc.

In addition, each plot has its specific purpose: to conduct private farming, horticulture, individual housing construction, etc. The buyer is obliged to use the land in accordance with these objectives, "- said Kovalenko.

If the site is owned by the seller on a leasehold basis, in accordance with the law, after the acquisition of a house on this site, the buyer goes right to use the site on the same terms as that of the seller. In this case, the previous lease agreement should be terminated, and the new - made with the present owner.

Additional factors
Victor Kovalenko calls a number of factors that will help you to choose sites for future homes. First, the distance from the highway up to the village: optimally - 1-1,5 km, or track will be heard. And do not forget to pay attention to the condition of the road, especially in winter, says Victor Kovalenko.

Secondly, water: to it must be approached very cautiously. On the one hand, of course, picturesque. On the other - water requires care.

Pay attention to the legal aspect of shopping area near the water: now the supervisory authorities carefully monitor the proper use of land and of the conduct of legal construction in coastal zones.


It is clear that much of the nuances of selection are determined by the financial ability of the buyer. Therefore, it is useful to first inquire about the price situation in the village, where you plan to buy a plot.

Belonging to a certain price range depends on the location of grounds: in the cottage or in areas of natural cottage building. And the main difference is the degree of price categories of infrastructure development, as well as a way of protection.
Victor Kovalenko
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