10 benchmarks, which are designed to help potential buyers of suburban housing

21.11.2010 00:05
Articles about real estate | 10 benchmarks, which are designed to help potential buyers of suburban housing Some buyers of suburban housing know beforehand on what direction will be situated to the mansion: the choice of road are taken into account such factors as proximity to Moscow apartment, proximity to relatives, friends, or just a habit, rooted in childhood. However, if precise "targeting" you do not, that's "hit parade" suburban routes. As befits a "hit parade" they are on a degree of popularity and "slope".

1. Destination out of competition - Rublevo Uspenskomu. Real estate price is not determined by the quality and size of the mansion, its architectural merits, or lack thereof, most importantly - a place Ruble. Only here the cost of weave can be equal to the cost of a 3-room apartment in Moscow, and behind the palace on a turnkey basis can apply for several tens of millions of dollars. Russian Monaco suburban expanse - with its newspaper, galleries, several sports centers, restaurants, elite schools and kindergartens. Private club, get into that can only inhabitant of this little town called Ruble. It does not matter that there is limited access to the nature of your allotment of the fence, and approaches to the Moscow River "is not for everyone." You - a resident of this paradise, and this is already sounding proud. Despite the fact that the direction of one of the shortest in length, the number of cottage settlements (both operating and constructed) are the envy of any highway outside Moscow. The order of $ 500.000 will cost townhouse, twice the initial cost of an average house area of 25 kilometers from Moscow. Free land in cottage settlements is no longer sold, but there are plots in the chaotic building area of 10 hectare.

2. Novorizhskoe highway - route one of the youngest in the suburbs. Originally it was built as fast and went through pristine fields and woods. Therefore, once you take up construction of cottage settlements, here was a lot of free area for construction. And since the trail, again, speed, develop the land were not within 30, and once 100 miles from Moscow. This trend - one of the few in the suburbs are divided into distinct price segments. Weaving land in organized cottage villages with painted communications within 20 km from Moscow in the average price of $ 30.000, up to 40 miles - $ 10.000 - 15.000, more than 50 miles - $ 3.000 - 5.000. A similar gradation and the categories of settlements. 20 km build "deluxe", then goes to a business class, then - the economy. One of the features of direction - quite a large number of cottage settlements, where the market is exposed only to the land. But the potential buyer is going to get put under construction, should be very careful. There may be a situation where your village will be built or a dozen years. Each buyer adheres to its pace of construction, and the purpose of purchase plots are different.

3. Dmitrovskoye trend became popular a few years ago due to the large number of reservoirs and sudden massive enthusiasm among Russians in alpine skiing. Only here, in the area of the city Yakhroma, located just a few ski resorts. Villa communities near these popular sports centers while virtually none. But for Dmitrovskoye direction are several settlements of class "de luxe", standing on a relatively large distance from Moscow - for more than 30 km, but near the water, and positioned as a "second home for vacation." In the vicinity of the capital, almost on the border with the Ring Road has several cottage settlements, comprising both townhouses and detached villas from economy class (price - from $ 1.000 per square) are sold rather slowly. With regard to sosedstvuyuschego Dmitrovsk Leningrad highway, then talk about him almost nothing. No one deserves the attention of construction there at the moment is not - all available in the market of cottage villages have either been built or not even started to be erected.

4. Pyatnickoe highway, most associated with the Istra Reservoir, stationed first elite cottage villages near the water and the estate of Alla Pugacheva. It is on the Istra reservoir are notorious "Catherine shafts, which in the near future will be demolished - after tests by Oleg Mitvol, for suburbs not less infamous. But not only rich in water Pyatnickoe highway. There are many interesting places and a 10 - 15 kilometers of the Ring Road. Incidentally, the dispersion of prices for plots there, in contrast to the same New Riga is large enough: $ 5.000 - 25.000. As great range of prices in this area and the home. At the same distance from Moscow - 8 - 10 miles - are building houses as a class "de luxe", and economy class. A similar confusion may be in some cottage settlements built several years ago. Among the disadvantages of direction - a Moscow District Mitino through which must pass to get on the highway Pyatnickoe.

5. Kaluga highway for several years firmly among the top three in quantity and quality of constructed cottage settlements. It operates several boarding houses run by UPD under the Russian President, and each of them - in some settlements of class "de luxe" and business. Where they erected, to be extremely successful, so the "secondary housing" such mansions rarely go out. Among the interesting proposals Kaluga directions - "Belgian Village", located on the shore of the lake and the stylized Flanders (houses here are expensive, but they are worth) and cottage settlements of "Alter-Vest" Novospasskoe "and" Novotroitskoye - 1, 2, where there are houses of various categories of cost from $ 300.000.

6. Only after the reconstruction of the Kiev highway houses and land in this area are in demand and rise in price. True, the price dispersion is the same as in Pyatnitskaya Highway: from $ 3.000 to $ 10.000 per hundred square meters in 10 kilometers of the Ring Road. Erected cottage villages there is little, but proposals for the land and secondary housing "is somewhat greater than the potential buyers. Perhaps all is not aware that the travel time to vacation spots decreased markedly. The only downside - the airport "Vnukovo", although business is a neighborhood on the contrary - a plus.

7. Proposals to the Minsk and Mozhayskoe directions are not so much. At this stage, the most interesting of them are very respectful distance from Moscow, near Ruza and Mozhaisk reservoirs. In written cottage on the Ruza Reservoir in selling only the land with painted communications (an average of - $ 10.000). Price rises or falls depending on the proximity of the site to the water or woods. On Mozhaisk reservoir among the interesting offers - holiday village "Aistova" cost of the houses in which - at $ 86.000. Here, on Mozhaisk, you can purchase a fairly substantial area of several hectares, with painted utilities and paved road - a construction of his own estate or ranch.

8. In Yaroslavl the direction for the last year, so to speak, gotten a second wind. A few years ago on the outskirts of the city arose Pushkino village townhouses Mesopotamia, roughly the same time, but in the center Ivanteevka also built a village of townhouses, but today such settlements is on the outskirts of the Queen, Mytishchi Pervomaisky ... Townhouses economy class are entering the market at a price of $ 750/m2. There are several villages with cottage detached house - for $ 1.000/m2. Sale of land holdings in the cottage communities formed almost non-existent. Several years ago, such a practice near the village of Zhukovka fiasco, and the builders had several times to close the project.

9. South suburbs are still ignored by developers, although they like to say to the contrary. Despite the availability of free land, forests and other joys of suburban pastime, nor Simferopol, nor Kashirskoye nor the Warsaw highway is not rife with cottage villages: a total for all 3 of these areas they have no more than a dozen. Most are sold either already built homes or land with a contract. And only in the "Grasshopper" at the Warsaw highway can buy a "clean" land. Elite settlements are not here, except Sukhanovo built a few years ago - basically, a business class with an average cost of homes around $ 300.000.

10. South-east suburbs enjoyed popularity in the late XIX - mid XX century. Starodachnye such places as Malakhovka Kratovo and know almost everything. Today they are like 100 years ago, the notoriety, but places for construction of cottage settlements there. Modern houses are built and when, then only at the site of old cottages. And east suburbs - Gorky direction - so far only company interested in "Social Initiative" that is building there on the spot of the old pioneer camps villages townhouses economy class are priced at $ 1.000/m2. At the same secondary market - mainly country houses and panel houses.

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