What will be the situation in the real estate market in Ukraine in 2014?

14.01.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate |  What will be the situation in the real estate market in Ukraine in 2014? The main influence on the real estate market in Ukraine in 2014 will provide a state believed polled by "Interfax-Ukraine" experts. " One of the threats to the property market is Omelchenko bill ( bill № 3757-1 regionalization Valeria Omelchenko - IF) , comprising administering to 15-17 % of the tax on the sale of real estate , if it will - then the total collapse of the market" - said vice - president of the Association of professional property managers Anatoly Topal .

Another threatening factor for the primary real estate market, according to him, is the strong rise in building materials.

According to the head of the Union of Realtors of Ukraine Alexey Rubanova , the main risk real estate development is the lack of liquidity of households.

" As for prices, the activity , the situation in 2014 will differ little from 2013. Depressive mood in the market will be in 2014 and in 2015 ," - he said.

Besides , experts note a peculiar record set by the real estate market in the past year : the number of transactions in the primary market during this period exceeded the number of transactions in the secondary .

"People who have the ability to buy, prefer to buy housing in the primary market due to the fact that the developers offer loyalty programs , installment , favorable loans , interesting quotations ," - said A.Rubanov .

A.Topal , in turn, added that the ratio of demand for primary and secondary markets was approximately 55% to 45 % by the end of 2013.

" People do not have access to money , the mortgage can not be taken , and if so, under the sky-high interest rates. And there is a new new front man when there is a choice between Khruschevkas for $ 55-60 thousand and new apartment in the house next door for the same money , even without repair, it is clear that the second option is preferable , "- said A.Topal .

According to him, in 2013, noted not many falling real estate market, bringing much inflated price expectations of property owners to economically justified levels.

" There has been a decline in demand for business-class housing , the displacement vectors of demand classes" Economy + "and" elites "that is " business " or ascended to " elite " or dipped in " Economy + " . Moreover, decreased demand for most cheap accommodation in Kiev: the trend went from "Khrushchev" and " gostinok " in better housing, " - he added.
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