What will be the situation in the real estate market in Ukraine in 2014?

14.01.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate |  What will be the situation in the real estate market in Ukraine in 2014? The main influence on the real estate market in Ukraine in 2014 will provide a state believed polled by "Interfax-Ukraine" experts. " One of the threats to the property market is Omelchenko bill ( bill № 3757-1 regionalization Valeria Omelchenko - IF) , comprising administering to 15-17 % of the tax on the sale of real estate , if it will - then the total collapse of the market" - said vice - president of the Association of professional property managers Anatoly Topal .

Another threatening factor for the primary real estate market, according to him, is the strong rise in building materials.

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According to the head of the Union of Realtors of Ukraine Alexey Rubanova , the main risk real estate development is the lack of liquidity of households.

" As for prices, the activity , the situation in 2014 will differ little from 2013. Depressive mood in the market will be in 2014 and in 2015 ," - he said.

Besides , experts note a peculiar record set by the real estate market in the past year : the number of transactions in the primary market during this period exceeded the number of transactions in the secondary .

"People who have the ability to buy, prefer to buy housing in the primary market due to the fact that the developers offer loyalty programs , installment , favorable loans , interesting quotations ," - said A.Rubanov .

A.Topal , in turn, added that the ratio of demand for primary and secondary markets was approximately 55% to 45 % by the end of 2013.

" People do not have access to money , the mortgage can not be taken , and if so, under the sky-high interest rates. And there is a new new front man when there is a choice between Khruschevkas for $ 55-60 thousand and new apartment in the house next door for the same money , even without repair, it is clear that the second option is preferable , "- said A.Topal .

According to him, in 2013, noted not many falling real estate market, bringing much inflated price expectations of property owners to economically justified levels.

" There has been a decline in demand for business-class housing , the displacement vectors of demand classes" Economy + "and" elites "that is " business " or ascended to " elite " or dipped in " Economy + " . Moreover, decreased demand for most cheap accommodation in Kiev: the trend went from "Khrushchev" and " gostinok " in better housing, " - he added.
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