Ukrainians prefer to take out a loan on a property in the U.S.

25.12.2013 00:30
Articles about real estate |  Ukrainians prefer to take out a loan on a property in the U.S. In Ukraine, the advantages of dollar loans in hryvnia over property (71% of loans in dollars).
Thus reduction in the loan portfolio also is mainly due to foreign currency loans - for the year by 13% , while the volume of loans in the national currency during this period decreased by only 4% .

This was reported by the press service of Naboo.

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Reportedly , as banks restricted lending to individuals in foreign currency loans are much smaller than repaid - hence, the mortgage market is not developed .

According to information , the reasons for the stagnation of the mortgage market similar reasons of stagnation in the real estate market as a whole - are too low income individuals for self-accumulation of money for the purchase of housing and interest rates on loans to buy housing too high.

Average mortgage rates , which are now offered to banks - 20-23 % per annum in the segment of "secondary market" and 19-20 % for the " primary market ".

The main factors that do not allow banks to reduce mortgage rates - a high cost of resources and the mismatch of fundraising needs of the population in terms of lending ( the vast majority of population deposits repayable on 2 years, and needs of the population in lending - more than 5 years ) .
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