Ukrainian developers abandon new projects

20.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  Ukrainian developers abandon new projects Holding company "Kyivmiskbud" due to the unstable political and economic situation in Ukraine intends to waive the start of new projects and optimize their costs, focusing on the implementation of existing commitments for commissioning housing. The journalists said the head of the supervisory board " Kievgorstroy" Nikolai Porayko .

"Of course, we understand that the domestic political situation and external political situation in our country and in particular in the capital will make significant adjustments to our plans , regardless of our wishes. We will have to narrow down the costly part of the holding, since the advertising company , with only one purpose - those structures that need to be put into operation , must be completed , "- said Paroyko .

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" Those buildings whose construction has not yet begun and there is no more funding from investors , will obviously not be started until better times ," - he added.

In this Paroyko noted that the plans " Kievgorstroy" for the current year - the commissioning of 27 homes for about four thousand apartments .

According to him , many investors are now turning to the company , worrying about their investment in the construction .

"Today we have 6.5 thousand contracts for the purchase of property , that is a 6.5 thousand families who are extremely concerned about what is happening in the construction market . And I want from myself and from the board of calm people and to assure that all we can do is aimed at to preserve their savings and that they acquired ownership of that housing, which they claim ", - the head supervisory board " Kievgorstroy" .

However, he clarified that the company did not increase the cost of housing erected it because of the devaluation of the hryvnia , and has no plans to do so in the near future due to the extremely low import content in construction.

"We almost did not change the pricing policy from the moment she started to devalue the currency . We have foreign currency component , or import content , very little. So for us, the course is not determinative , and for speculators who sell housing - is the cost ... we do not plan to change . Another thing, if all go up by 3-4 times, we will be forced to revise our agreements , but it will be an extreme force majeure " , - assured Paroyko .

Commenting on the possible consequences of the current instability in the country for the construction market of Ukraine , the head of the supervisory board " Kievgorstroy" noted that there are objective risks freezing construction directly related to the uncertainty of the future of Ukraine.

As UNIAN reported earlier , in 2013, "Kyivmiskbud" increased rate of commissioning housing in Ukraine by 6.2 % - to 254.8 thousand square meters. m has been reported that the company has built in the last year and commissioned 14 dwelling houses in Kiev and one apartment complex in Yalta.

According to preliminary data, the net profit of the holding company in 2013 amounted to about USD 114 million , and revenue - more than 3 billion USD.
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