Top 5 most common fraud schemes when buying apartments

01.05.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate |  Top 5 most common fraud schemes when buying apartments Analysts company "Inkom-real estate" were rating the risks and the most common fraud schemes when buying apartments in the secondary market. fake Documents

Sale apartment under a false passport remains the most common fraud schemes . At the same time over the years and increase the degree of protection documents improved manufacturing technology fakes : current fraudulent schemes involve solid investments , serious technical training and extensive collusion . Modern scammers no longer rely on naive customers and good luck.

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"We can console ourselves that guarantees the authenticity of passports inscription" FMS " , visible under ultraviolet light . As it turns out , does not guarantee : professional scammers work so that tampering is virtually identical to the original. Therefore, in preparation for the transaction we require our employees to action identification Seller other available methods - primarily evidence that the person is the one who he claims , from the neighbors , " - said the director of the department of secondary market company " Inkom-real estate "Sergei Shloma .

substitution Seller

Fraudsters can also attract as owner housing frontman - in this case the documents are genuine and the seller is very similar to their owner . A further scenario is predictable : the real owner of the property upon registration of the transaction applies to the court for invalidation , and bona fide purchaser loses the acquired property .

Serious danger fraught and specify in the contract of sale incomplete project cost.

"Buyer Seller amenable to persuasion , not wanting to pay 13 % tax on profits , and the parties prescribed maximum nontaxable amount - one million rubles. If you do not take the owner a receipt for the rest of the money , the risk in this case is no longer a noble cause and becomes folly : an unscrupulous seller may challenge the transaction as bonded "- explains Shlomo .

Collusion former owners

Collusion seller of real estate with its former owner is also not uncommon today in the housing market . The scheme is simple - the latter refers to the court to recognize the transaction as invalid on the grounds that the current dealer ( once the buyer ) has not fulfilled its obligations. For example, the payment is not made ​​in full.

Victims in such a chain is bona fide purchaser , who may lose housing.

Wildcats co-owners

Still relevant are the risks associated with participation in the deal people - patients and neuropsychiatric drug treatment clinics .

"In this case we use a proven and effective means of prevention - we see that the participants in the transaction are not registered in HDPE and PP , getting them help of these institutions ," - said Shlomo .

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