The pace of construction of new apartments in the Czech Republic fall

21.01.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  The pace of construction of new apartments in the Czech Republic fall Czech construction sector is in a recession since 2008. Housing prices are falling, and investors do not invest substantially in new home construction. In 2014, only in economically strong regions such as Prague , Brno and Plzen, expected strong growth in housing construction. It is reported portal CZ

For 2013 in Prague was completed about one hundred projects with approximately 10 thousand new apartments. At the same time managed to sell only half .

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In the other regions of the country are building a lot less. The total volume of new apartments was about a third of what was built last year in Prague. Despite the crisis, the volume of construction in the capital remain constant.

Analysts believe that in the near future , investors will not invest in new projects. This is due not only to low demand , but also possible rise in price of construction materials. All this will affect the final cost of housing, which is so bad and sold .
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