Tax on sale of real estate to bury the entire industry

21.12.2013 00:00
Articles about real estate |  Tax on sale of real estate to bury the entire industry Tax on the income of individuals (15-17%) the sale or exchange of any of the property offers a lawmaker from the Party of Regions Valery Omelchenko whose tax bills had previously supported the Ministry of Finance and Mindohodov. October was the sixth consecutive month of falling sales level , reports portal Kyero. In monthly terms, property sales in October fell by 4.4% - significantly more than in the same period a year earlier. From January to October their number decreased by 0.8 % year on year .

Sales of primary housing suffered the most - by 17.6 %, amounting to 10,071 deal in October , while the number of sales in the secondary market decreased by 2.9 % and amounted to 12,699 transactions. Excluding the population density, the leader in the number of transactions was Andalusia ( 5279 sales), followed by Valencia ( 3382 ) , Catalonia ( 3115 ) and Madrid ( 2584 ) . The fewest transactions were registered in October in La Rioja ( 271 ) and Navarre (318) .

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With regard to annual figures , from October 2012 to October 2013 real estate sales rose in Navarre ( 42 %) , the Balearic Islands ( 5.9 %) and Andalusia ( 0.3 %) , while the largest decrease was registered in Asturias (-36 %) , the Basque Country ( -35.6 %) and Castilla- La Mancha ( -34.5 %). Experts still ascertain the glut of properties in Spain.
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