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Articles about real estate |  Tales about real estate for the New Year Ironically, the New Year with friends, we compose a story. At this time, we give our readers their once five. Story - a lie, but it hints ... Like pigs - developers violated law
There were three of the developer. Outwardly, they were very similar to each other and all three were pretty well known in the market characters. Even the names they were almost identical : Naf- Stroy , Nuf - jam and Nif- detuning . All summer they promised to start to build their homes. But the work is constantly delayed - think , because summer in the yard ! Frankly, Nuf - jam and Nif- detuning is not always related to their work in a responsible manner . To put it bluntly - the builders they were useless .

Most conscientious helpful Naf- Stroy he urged colleagues to activate and start work immediately . " Plenty of time , before winter walk some more ! " - Answered him Nuf - jam and Nif- detuning .

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A Naf- Stroy did not wait walled construction site blue fence and began to build the house. Work was carried out rapidly , and by the first chills object was ready : the building , though not impressed smooth lines and architectural delights , but it turned out pretty decent, and comfortable.

Meanwhile frosts struck that made Nuf - Zastrow and Nif- rebuild finally take up the construction. That's just in a hurry they had to use is not the best building materials. And unlike the characters in the famous fairy tale , they are not able to start , let alone finish their creations before the cold weather .

By the way, we forgot to mention one important detail : the construction of houses had to get permission. Naf- Stroy executed all the documents . But his colleagues were not frivolous engaged in paperwork . And no authorization is received. A Knife - detuning and did let himself unimaginable - began to build a cottage on selskohozzemlyah where once grew potatoes and cucumbers.
For such negligence had to pay . In the midst of the construction work has appeared Wolf . Yes, yes, that terrible gray wolf, which verifies the design documentation and always keep an eye out for developers. Knife - gutted houses and Nuf - Zastrow wolf " blew " - or rather, demolished as illegal structures .

Exulted one Naf -system - because the wolf did not manage to catch him in any wrongdoing. Although it should be noted , gray in every way tried to annoy Naf -STORY : stubbornly refused to give permission to build . But Naf -Story was not timid and defended its right to build soundly and efficiently. It is a pity that his friends - Nuf - Zastrow and Nif- gutted - this story learned nothing . Wolf of course they are afraid. Just still trying to build a house of twigs and straw and in the wrong places .

How Sleeping Beauty woke up in a new house
" Do not wake the beast in me ! Come one hundred years later , when Sleeping Beauty wakes up "- warned us the spokesperson sleepy kingdom Sonia Bodryakova when we gathered on the detour of suburban real estate . But we decided not to postpone the visit to the closet and poisoned the road at your own risk.

Path was not a short . We had to pass the village Postelnikovo ( Tver region ) , Podushkino (Moscow Region ), then about 8 thousand km across the expanses of Russia - to the Republic of Sakha . Moving to wade the river Golden Dreams , where almost fell asleep , we reached the village of Nizhny Kuranakh , one of the centers of gold mining in Yakutia.

Yes, yes, as it turned out , it was here and not in France, as incorrectly believed Charles Perrault , is Sleeping Beauty Castle .

Castle apart (and elite ) stood in the middle of the forest, surrounded by impenetrable brick wall and decorative moat. Huge three-story stone structure, like buried in the land area of ​​about one hectare and amaze its monumentality and firmness . Coated flexible shingles towers loopholes made ​​it clear that there will resist even the army Mamaia , although representatives of the supervisory authorities .

" Wake up, sleeping beauty ! - We shouted as I could . - Oh, for a long time no one lives in these palaces , mansions , it's time to townhouses and homes reasonable value ! Yes, and how to heat such a machine ? Chilly you probably ... "

"Oh, zyayayabko ... - handed sleepy voice answered , and a moment later the hostess came out to meet us : - Really really new times come? What do I do now with its palace , how to sell ? And where to find a new home ? "

Post scriptum. Palace of the Sleeping Beauty was successfully sold through the portal BN.ru. Through it , there was found a brand new townhouse and business class , which now lives and our beauty , which is now called is not sleeping , and waking .

As village parliamentarians LCD " Mansion" saved
Built in the open field Multi LCD "The Mansion ." In a good location , on the border of the towns and villages , just a ten -minute flight from the metro station " End ." And he was neither low nor high, in full compliance with planning regulations and design documentation. The developer received a permit for the facility to operate . And the colonization .

First moved into a new apartment former residents of emergency housing , family Myshkin .

" Knock, knock ! " - Came to their door in the morning cheerful postuk . It turned out flat across not deceived in their expectations sharecroppers Lyagushkin occupied - came acquainted .

Since then, and so happened that neither day, settler .

" Knock, knock ! " - Is someone already POST plot itself on the local area - maybe in the parking lot , and maybe a carrot. Myshkin looked out the window. " Bunnies " - revealing a welcoming smile strong front incisors , introduced her new neighbor with the typical appearance of the young teacher .

" Knock, knock ! " Hammer - and the door to the staircase adorns ad " Flat for rent in your house ." This rentier Lisitsyna acquired his " Towers " next investment home.

" Knock, knock ! Knock, knock ! "- Fought off boots. This march march returned to part company, to deliver a new location belongings military mortgage holder Major Volkov.

Another " tuk-tuk " came not from below but from above. On the fifth floor began construction of the attic , which suddenly needed whether relative Medvedev himself , the big chief of the local , or his namesake . Crackled here " Mansion" under the weight of such violations of the law , banked - is about to collapse . Yes just arrived here rustic parliamentarians - they strengthened the building, and some concrete stanchions and amendments to zoning laws . And now there's nothing , " Towers " is not in danger, and he will stand for centuries , not that his namesake of old tales .

Not as Ivan Tsarevich for eco- house went
What happened in ancient times , for Tridevyaty Kadoma tridesyatom Federal District. Forests at the time were dense , impassable swamps and vast industrial zone . And a lot of strange creatures vodilos market wolves realtors , developers hares , bears and foxes investors tenants . And the rules of the country by Lord Tsar estate None None Two and a half . And that king had children tmuschaya darkness . Sometimes the king himself did not remember , and one of them called .

Came to the king once a rumor that appeared in the Far unprecedented forest house that neighborhood residents called outlandish word eco-housing . Saying, that power does not consume that house , and vice versa , and itself produces no evil nature does not cause . Then the king then to his one of his sons and said:

- So , Ivan ...
- I do not Ivan - corrected son , but only the king waved and continued
- Well, then, son. I'll go you through dense woods and find you're the Single house prelyubopytneyshaya , disassemble into parts so dragged here . I very much lyubopytstvenno , from which these things done and lasciviousness as for the benefit of the state can be used.

Son bowed to his father .

- Go with God, Ivan - blessed sire.
- Yes , I do not Ivan . - Prince straightened again .

But the emperor was not listening , just waved goodbye.

How long will short it ... well, the prince sat down on the trolley , but went to a distant forest . By evening, got to the edge of the forest and saw a strange structure: house as a house with a chimney and satellite dish , but only on chicken legs . On the threshold stood a bearded old woman .

- Hello , Ivan Tsarevich , we waited for you!
- First, I do not Ivan . Secondly, lend -ka you give me your ekoizbushku . This is an order of the sovereign.
- Well you have not even asked how the name is something I ? I Baba Yaga, by the way. A hut can not give - her depression now : do not want to hares in the forest ekodomÁ developers build. Disadvantage , they say. Afraid all alone in this world to stay. Better you to marry me , this I agree.
- No, witch , devil look for yourself , whether that is now no need to marry me . And about the cabin something wrong our hares ecology adds to the cost of 10-15% , and no they are not really "eco" - it's just advertising . In this realm , anyway .

Heard those words hut on chicken legs , razobidelas turned to rehouse the woods and to the Tsarevich ass , and jerked toward the Finnish border . Neither Neither King Two and a half would not let his son back because of the failed job. Tsarevich had to return back to the forest , to marry Baba Yaga and live with her in the studio environmentally unfriendly cave in the swamp .
The moral: not all and not always have to tell the truth. Even if it's true.

As a foreign citizen K. attic won back
It was in this apartment happened indicative story related to unauthorized occupation by a foreign citizen K. property common areas - attic .

Assuming disagreement home owners with accommodation on site loft attic , K. tried to ingratiate himself with children and pensioners , to enlist their support in general meeting. In particular, he reported that he was acting in the interests of all owners of property that he personally does not need anything , he is the most patient man in the world and that it is better to dogs ( NP, chairman of the HOA . - BN ) .
Interested parties K. provides investors and reconstruction called loft renovation . Since the construction work was carried out during the day , adult working-age population has long been considered the existence of K. fiction children and pensioners due to the peculiarities of age.

Also widely known case where K. has not allowed representatives of the Housing Committee and Housing Inspectorate to inspect the attic space in the program for inspection of roofs in preparation for winter. Seeing members of the commission , K. began to show towards them signs of aggression - in particular , jumping , throwing a sheet, and cried hysterically .

Found that not having the consent of the owners of the house , the attic K. arranged individual housing illegally using common engineering infrastructure. K. thereby increasing consumption and heat energy ( obschedomovye needs) and caused financial damage to the apartment owners . Living illegally and not having contracts with resursosnabzhayuschimi organizations , K., respectively , did not bear the costs of housing and communal services .

The reconstruction project of the attic was not agreed with the supervisory authorities , and was not obtained permission to work. After reconstruction in HOA appeared limited access to communications in the attic.

Although the attic space by the court has been sealed , K. easily penetrates the roof , using the light- Swedish-made helicopter . Moreover, repeatedly brought many guests. Calls on residents to be quiet and not throw trash on the street , K. responded with the words " Calm, just calm " and " It's nothing, it happens ." Extortion products.

Once in the attic was installed protection and unauthorized structures demolished K. subjected to deportation. In turn , he promised to appeal to the European Court of Human investors and someday return .
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