Show-business stars are preparing for the end of the world

16.12.2012 00:15
Articles about real estate |  Show-business stars are preparing for the end of the world Many of the stars of show business decided to thoroughly prepare for the end of the world, which, according to the calendar of the Maya, should occur on December 21.
For example, Andrey Danilko, he - Verka Serduchka, had already booked a place in the bunker, owned by the member of the Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk. Underground shelter built right under the country house of the singer, which is located close to Kiev. Here there are several rooms, water, ventilation, light and toilet. The premises is designed for six people. In the bunker already delivered to the minimum amount of food, including canned meat and wine), as well as the necessary medicines and hygiene products.

In addition, a stylist and a showman Sergey Zverev also hopes to hide in the shelter. However, the singer did not disclose where it is located. According to Zvereva, bunker protects against radiation and other external impacts. It was built originally for the tops of the government, which was in him to escape in the event of war with the United States.

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Anastasia Volochkova admitted that will hold on 21 December of the house. «I plan to spend the day at home, with blinds drawn over the Windows, with his daughter Аришей, which is not even comin on this day in school,» - said the ballerina.

According to a representative of the construction company «Deluxe " the Bunker», for the last year the number of orders for construction of bunkers increased significantly. «Only recently, we completed several objects in the suburbs of Moscow, Astrakhan, for example», - have specified in the company.

Danil Andreev from the company «Спецгеопроект» has informed, that the simple bunkers to protect practically from all the dangers of costs from one and a half million rubles. And those that can save from a nuclear explosion, have other functions and are already more expensive - from 5 up to 15 million roubles, writes «KP».
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