Sergei Trofimov dream house built

17.12.2013 00:00
Articles about real estate |  Sergei Trofimov dream house built Renowned author and performer of songs, musician, poet Sergei Trofimov now happily married to a former dancer team Limes Vajkule Anastasia, who bore him two children: a son, Ivan and daughter Elizabeth.
When they began an affair , the singer was still married .
" We met with Sergei winter, and began to live together in the summer. Removed a small " Khrushchev " appointed her bought in an online store furniture, there also bought spoons ladle "- Anastasia Trofimov told in an exclusive interview with" Caravan of stories . "
Then , after some time , they bought an apartment .

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" It was a typical anthill . At the entrance grandmother sat on the bench . Our windows looked out on the Ring Road , before leaving it was not necessary to go into the computer , it was enough to look out the window to see - we have a plug or not. But in the evening outside the window shone like Manhattan . At first we lived as students. I would even say , the poor students . Teapot , two cups, yes bed table . Our clothes are hung on a stand with wheels . Very comfortable from room to room to carry "- shares memories Anastasia .
But , according to his wife Trofim , they dreamed of their own home . Sergey , when he was married already built their own house, which was sold after the divorce .
Marrying Anastasia when Vanya was already half a year , they began building a house - a dream . Built the house , moved out of town. That's what she said about the house in an interview:
"A dream home Sergey we still built. And moved to the countryside . As dreamed what happened. When guests come to us , do not cease to admire : "As you well ! How cozy! Do not want you to leave. " A house is nothing special, just incredibly pleasant atmosphere .
Serezha there his office, where he hides from home . May jump at night , lock yourself in your room, or something nacherkat hum "- tells the magazine " Caravan of stories . "
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