Richest Santa Claus owns an estate worth 3 million euros

28.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate |  Richest Santa Claus owns an estate worth 3 million euros In what amount assessed property Santa Claus? This issue is of concern to many, and appreciate the magic of ownership elders decided to Europe experts from Russia, experts of the Agency for Development and Research in Real Estate of St. Petersburg. According to the study , the most expensive mansion recognized Totemlend Swedish Santa Claus - Yultomena . His possessions valued at 3 million euros. Russian "colleague" owns residence in Veliky Ustyug , which is worth 1.7 million euros. This amount includes not only personal residence , but also all the property of Santa Claus : sleigh , horses , staff, coat, bag for gifts as well as holiday homes , hotel, sauna, swimming pool , ice rink , cafes and playgrounds .

French Santa owns real estate on 1.34 million euros , the residence is located in the Alps. Favorite of children from Norway Yunilissen resort offers apartments on Zavala , which cost 1,225 million euros.

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The largest residence on the territory of CIS belongs Belarusian " Dzed Maroz " - an area of 15 hectares of lands . Realtors estimate property in $ 1.05 million .

Recognized as the most conservative of Santa Finland - Lapland in possession Joulupukki occupy 10 hectares , while their value is around 736,000 euros.
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