Most overrated housing market in the world

16.12.2013 00:00
Articles about real estate |  Most overrated housing market in the world In the view of the bank's specialists, the most overheated housing market is Canada, where revaluation reaches 60%. In second place - Belgium - the third New Zealand.
The top ten countries where the cost of housing does not meet the real prices were (in descending order ) Norway, Australia, France , UK, Sweden , Finland and Spain .

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According, bank specialists made ​​this conclusion by comparing the current ratios of housing prices to rents and housing prices to income citizens with their average values ​​in the historical period .

In Canada, the first factor is above the historical average of 88% , and the second - by 32%. In Belgium , according to estimates of the bank , real estate is overvalued by 56% in New Zealand - 51% reported
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