More than half of investors are willing to buy an apartment in the suburbs

19.12.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate |  More than half of investors are willing to buy an apartment in the suburbs By the end of 2013 55% of all home buyers in Kiev with adequate alternatives were willing to consider the purchase of housing in the suburbs. Early in the year did not exceed 20% of investors, analysts sales department of construction company BGM. According to CFO BGM Inna Brechko trend of growing interest of buyers to housing in the suburbs emerged in May-June and the end of the year, only stronger. " The development trend influenced by several factors . First, in the primary market has grown substantially suburbs offer apartments. Compared with 2012 the number of construction and preparing for commissioning objects increased by about 40% . Secondly, due to the lower purchasing power of investors , the lower price of accommodation in the suburb of apartment complexes has become one of the deciding factors when choosing an apartment for visitors and expanding families , "- said I. Brechko .

In addition, the expert adds , developers in the suburbs much more willing to preferential conditions of installments . "It is unlikely in Kiev now you can find a developer who is ready to sell the apartment provided the first installment of $ 10 thousand in Irpenskaya region through programs such installment is quite real ," - says the treasurer of BGM.

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Including due to increasing demand for suburban housing prices are rising faster than in Kiev. "During 2013 the average price per square meter in the capital increased by 4% , while prices in the apartment complexes in the Kiev region - 17%. In terms of investment attractiveness , investment in housing in the region is now more profitable , "- said Inna Brechko .

According to her , the most popular in the suburb enjoys accommodation class "economy - plus ." " Home buyers have become more interested in the two-bedroom apartments of 55-60 square meters. m and one-bedroom studios ranging from 45 m. m and more , "- said the treasurer BGM.
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