Medieval castle on sale for 3 million euros

05.05.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate |  Medieval castle on sale for 3 million euros Into the Woods de Mena, in the province of Burgos, the new owners looking for a unique object - castle of the XIV century. Velasco is a classic for the time structure with a five-foot walls, armory and, of course, a drawbridge. Almost never lock was not empty . The previous owners have invested a lot of money to make the structure of the medieval modern house with brand amenities. Thus, attention must first be paid to the presence of the elevator. With its help you can get to any of the four floors.

Pa purity mansion meets automated electronic system cleaning . It is obvious that in his house guests and residents and provide access to the Internet .

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Former owners abandoned the traditional principles of the Middle Ages and space heating installed specially ordered and made ​​in Belgium geothermal heating system . The benefit of this approach is obvious. For example, compared with diesel boiler, saving up to 70 percent. Geothermal system and is responsible for the supply of hot water in the corresponding spaces of the castle.

The total floor area of 600 m ², surrounded by terraced house with a total area of 100m ². As for the size of the castle included in the price of the land plot with an area up to 2.2 hectares.

The current owner of the mansion Eduardo Gil Lang says that the castle is situated in a picturesque location where the maximum is achieved oneness with nature . So often graze around the house such wild animals as deer or wild boar . You can watch them not only from the terraces of the castle , but the drawbridge . And under certain rules of caution to forest visitors can come to a close distance .
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