Leshchenko earned home 40 years

12.01.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate |  Leshchenko earned home 40 years Four decades of famous singer Leshchenko not coming from the domestic variety of Olympus. Endless concerts, recording new albums artist brought not only a moral but also material prosperity. As recognized himself Valer'yanovich Leo : "At all this luxury , I worked for forty years " In an exclusive interview with " 7D " People's Artist spoke about his new home. Eight years ago, friends offered to take him to the construction of summer cottages , he refused the offer , but the house itself built on the site . " Painfully good place - Starodachnoe . There is still alive the spirit of traditional suburban villas. And most importantly, the beautiful scenery around . The site is located on a steep bank Klyaz'ma . Buildings on both sides not visible thin ribbon of the river , and beyond it the water meadows , unspoilt forest. There is a feeling that there are no people around . And it seems not far from Moscow, and the impression is that we left for a hundred kilometers from the capital. Each morning enjoy the birdsong . Of protein and do not say - they always have "table" , says the singer .

Simultaneously with the stunning spouses Leshenko got unfinished house and designed by the famous Iranian architect Jabbar , which they brought to mind for 4 years .

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"At first, our house was a visual encyclopedia of how not to build in the suburbs, - laughing wife. - On the broken roof winter snow kopilsya constantly . Thin walls froze . In addition, the mansion was too many open spaces that are appropriate for the Mediterranean, but not suitable for our weather conditions. "

Many disputes endured spouses and about the interior, but a solution was found : Leo Valer'yanovich modulates the room , billiard room , bar , and his wife hosted in the kitchen and bedroom.

Still, by agreement , relying on your taste and advice of a professional designer Larisa ( friend 's wife ), the house incorporates the classic and the Empire , and Provence Mediterranean . Rooms decorated with expensive designer furniture , and combine them the same Murano glass lamps .

"All this seemed excessive luxury , immodest - says Leo Valerianovich. - For example , twisted and without fancy wrought stairs offered decorate red leather railing - a skin we upholstered furniture in the living room - and large medallions made ​​of stone . I hesitated , but Larissa persuaded "Enough shy to" all this luxury , " you've worked 40 years." I thought, but really ! At my age, I have the right to a home , because this is my last refuge . Maybe not everything was perfect. Right now it seems to me that we have gone too far with the decor , with gold and bronze, that something could be done stricter . But here we love every corner - this is the home of our dreams , in which we have invested his heart and soul and money , "says 7days.ru
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